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Friday, February 29, 2008

Not hilary???????

Poverty expert accuses Clinton of 'hyping' child hunger in U.S.

Jim Brown - OneNewsNow
2/29/2008 6:00:00 AM

A leading national authority on poverty says the so-called anti-poverty proposals unveiled yesterday by Hillary Clinton are part of a "tired" liberal agenda that would further expand the welfare state.

Senator Clinton (D-New York) says the goal of her plan is to cut child poverty in half over the next 12 years by implementing universal pre-kindergarten programs and allowing children to begin the Head Start program earlier. Under her estimated $6-billion-a-year proposal, school breakfast programs would be universal in low-income neighborhoods and schools would be barred from serving junk food.

Robert Rector, senior research fellow on welfare and family issues at the Heritage Foundation, says Clinton refuses to even acknowledge the two primary causes of child poverty -- out-of-wedlock births, and parents living on welfare instead of working. "What she wants to do is combat poverty by putting the responsibility on the U.S. taxpayer, who already spends about $450 billion a year fighting poverty," says Rector, "while [at the same time] specifically avoiding the issue of changing the behaviors that are the cause of poverty."

The researcher cites statistics indicating that more than a third (38 percent) of children born in the U.S. are born outside of marriage, without a father in the home; and among blacks, that jumps to 69 percent, he adds. "That is the overwhelming single, strongest cause of poverty," he states. "And [most of] those out-of-wedlock births occur among the least educated white, black, and Hispanic women in the United States."

Rector contends Clinton is responding to largely hyped issues -- for example, hunger among U.S. children. "[Typically] maybe one child in 200 will miss even a single meal during the course of a month because of a lack of resources in a family," he maintains.

According to Rector, both poor and middle-class children on average have a high "consumption of proteins, vitamins, and minerals ... and you can't tell the difference between [those classes of children]."

Rector says the left wing's largely cultivated notion that there is widespread hunger among children in the U.S. is simply not true. In fact, he says, poor children have a problem with eating too much food, just like Americans in general.

Was This on the MSN............

..........really I'm asking a legit question as I've not been keeping up with much the last two days.


MLK's niece: 'Abortion a racist, genocidal act'
Jim Brown - OneNewsNow
2/29/2008 10:00:00 AM

The niece of Martin Luther King, Jr., has used an appearance at a Black History Month event in Washington, DC, to reject the claim that her famous uncle supported abortion rights for women.

Dr. Alveda King says although her uncle -- the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. -- accepted an award from Planned Parenthood in 1966, the abortion group had a "hidden agenda" at the time. "I don't want anybody to be confused by thinking that Dr. King could condone the violent death of the little babies, and the violent consequences that women suffer," King clarifies. "I'm post-abortive myself. I've suffered ... and it was a secret in my family for too long. And so now we’re here today to speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. Abortion is a racist, genocidal act."

King was one of several black pro-life leaders who met in Washington yesterday to celebrate their ethnicity and decry abortion and its disproportionate effect on blacks. And during a news conference at the Family Research Council, Dr. Johnny Hunter, president of the Life Education and Resource Network, predicted that at some point in America abortion would be abolished, just like slavery and Jim Crow laws.

"The way of the wicked does not last forever, and that's why we get to celebrate Black History Month," says Hunter. "Because all throughout black history [there have] been blacks who have taken a stand no matter where the people were when they got here. By the time they left this earth, we were a little bit better off."

Hunter declared that in merely three days time in America, the abortion industry "kills more blacks than the KKK ever lynched."

Thursday, February 28, 2008

War OF Jihad Part 2

by Garry aka boaz

The Islamic Jihad or Holy War shows no signs of being in regression any time soon. The United States in Feb. 2008 offered official recognition to the newly formed (unilaterally) state of Kosovo, which is roughly 90% Muslim. With that support and the support of the European Union, one has to wonder just precisely what type of death wish the current administration of the United States has.

It’s not enough that we’re already fighting against rogue groups of Islamists unaffiliated specifically with a nation State? We need another challenge at this point to bolster some ideal of national pride? Somehow the understanding of Islam as a quasi religion of hatred and violence has not filtered through the halls of the White House or the halls of CONgress. (to be distinguished from PROgress)

The Democratic Party of the United States appears poised to nominate for President either a member of the House of Representatives from the state of Illinois Barack Hussein Obama, who has no particular experience on the world stage with the exception of a few Congressional junket trips to Arab Africa. Whose major contribution to the state of Illinois while in power seems to have been cultivating a relationship with developer under indictment “Tony” Rezko?

Or to nominate for President A Senator from New York Hillary Clinton a true carpet bagger from Arkansas, with all of the liabilities of a dyed in the wool socialist who would make Karl Marx proud to call her friend.

The really disturbing portion of the current political news is the lack of a viable Conservative candidate from the other major party, The Republicans seem to have allowed in some wishy washy fashion for the Media Darling John McCain to become the presumptive nominee for them. The Big Media Complex having offered much coverage and laudatory comments for John McCain in the primary season, and now with that all but over jumping on him like stink on a wet dog over allegations which should in theory have been laid to rest ten years ago!

Of the two groups McCain seems to have the most fervor in waging the War on Jihad, but he is also 71 years old already. The War on Jihad will not be a fight for this generation alone by any means. The War on Jihad must be waged until its conclusion whatever the cost and for however long it takes. The alternative is for all our children or their children’s children to live under a Theocratic Tyranny of the vilest type. A tyranny which allows no expression of freedom, no expression of hope for a planet at peace, and no ability to worship as free men and women the God of our choice.

The two main forces in the War OF Jihad are at this time Iran and Syria . Iran is Shia Muslim, adhering to the teaching of either the fourth Imam or the eighth Imam or the seventh. Wheels within wheels as the story goes.

At some point in the near or distant future both of these countries will need to be met head on. The governments of both Syria and Iran fund terrorist groups (Hezbollah and Hamas respectively) whose primary purpose is to eliminate the “Zionist enclave” of Israel and then to deal with the “Great Satan” the United States for its friendship to the nation of Israel.

One issue which needs to be dealt with are Mosques, Islam is not a philosophical religion nor is based on speculation, it is a religion based on the revealed teachings of the Chief Perpetrator Mohammad, to be continued it must be taught to each new generation. To break that cycle requires the elimination of Indoctrination Centers – mosques. If not elsewhere then at least in this country they must be removed. Not as houses of worship which preach religion unacceptable to the nation as a whole. But as what they really are, which are Indoctrination Centers for the Elimination of Infidels.

When the next attack occurs on American soil, and it will happen, the person who is in the seat of power in Washington D.C. – if Washington D.C. is still there afterward, must decide what action is needed to protect the rest of the country. Those actions will determine the fate of the United States of America and also the world at large. I was really hoping for a better candidate at this time than John McCain. A cross between Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, and Abraham Lincoln would have done nicely. None of those qualities appear to be on the horizon anytime soon though.

Communist and Socialist author and essayist E.P. Thompson in an essay regarding the Cold War stated ”If we ask the partisans of either side what the Cold War is now about, they regard us with the glazed eyes of addicts”

I get the same sort of reaction when I ask the Islamic Apologists, the Peace At Any Price crowd, or the Code Pink wingnuts. None of them can make a rational statement about the actual cause of the War on Jihad. It has become nothing more than something to be against at any cost. Even at the cost of failure to protect this nation from another attack like Sept. 11. And that I have come to expect, the Anti-War crowd has never found a need to understand the reasons for war. It seems enough to just be against war as a method for solving conflict, as would any sane person. BUT the Anti-War crowd carries the concept to an entirely unacceptable level, by requiring that I and my neighbors and family and you accept the consequence of that non action against an enemy whose sole purpose is to place me at room temperature.

The refusal to look objectively at the reasons for either the current War on Jihad, or any other conflict seems a recipe for further wars. Until the last of the totalitarian regimes of Planet Earth have been laid to rest entirely, there will be cause for conflict. With conflict comes a need to convert or be converted, to subjugate or be subjugated, or in the final act, to kill or be killed.

Giving way to those who have the aim of converting, subjugating or killing the rest of the planet seems a poor choice, even if it is done only by default.

One of the real problems I see in the current War on Jihad though is the inability of the political leadership to convincingly and truthfully state the reason for the War. In this, I’m not looking for the method of conducting the War successfully, nor am I looking for the financial cost or even the cost in lives lost. What no one seems willing or able to do is to stand up in front of a crowd of human beings and say clearly –

“This war is against the religion which spawned the attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon , the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers , the World Trade Center and all of the destruction throughout the world perpetrated in the name of a dead pedophile. While freedom of religion should be guaranteed to every person on the planet, and is protected in the U.S.A. if you choose a religion which condemns all other non-believers to death, you are now a target for elimination. If you choose a different path toward enlightenment it would be far healthier for you.’

The concept of “Moderate Muslims” is a farce and ploy. Those who are actually ‘moderate’ aren’t really Muslim anymore than I am. They have an ethnic background, but have not been indoctrinated with the hatred and violence of Mohammad. Much like a person can be raised as a Catholic, but never go to Mass after reaching the age of majority. IF all of those who claim to be Christian (78% as of the last study I could find) in the U.S. really were CHRISTians, the need for a Welfare State would never have arisen, and millions of unborn children would have grown up with their parents instead of being slain before or during birth.

The War ON Jihad came about because there is a War OF Jihad. At the conclusion, one side will be converted, subjugated or dead. My hope is for the other side to be converted. If not……….” nuke ‘em ‘til they glow.”

Archie Bunker on Democrats

Just for fun - or is it?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vets for Freedom: We Must Press Forward in Iraq

We Must Press Forward in Iraq

Take Action!

The Costs of Retreat are Enormous

Vets for Freedom Members:

Greetings from Baghdad!

I have embedded with fellow American soldiers and am witnessing the dramatic progress first hand. It is a very different Iraq from the one I once patrolled with my unit in 2005.

Unfortunately our congress refuses to acknowledge this progress and this is made evident as
yesterday, Senators Feingold and Reid introduce two bills whose ostensible goal is to force the administration to "re-focus on our top national-security threat - al-Qaeda and its affiliates. The Senate has now debated this over three dozen times since taking over Congress, demonstrating that they have completely lost touch with the reality of what's happening on the ground in Iraq.

I have addressed this issue in my piece in National Review Online.

"If only certain U.S. Senators truly understood the global nature of our vicious enemy in Iraq. ... Given the fact that today we are facing a determined al-Qaeda effort to destabilize Iraq, wouldn't any rational person include Iraq in their list of places where al-Qaeda must be defeated? Not Obama, Feingold, and Reid, who believe "we need to safely [i.e., immediately] redeploy U.S. troops from Iraq." Whatever misgivings these senators may have felt about the invasion of Iraq in the first place, today we are there. And so is al-Qaeda. Any "strategy to combat and defeat al Qaeda globally" must begin there." Read More.

Yesterdays comments made by Senator Reid, claiming that we need to "take care of Americans before Iraqi's" demonstrates how far from reality he has fallen. He continues to recite talking points from radical anti-war liberal front groups such as MoveOn.org and Code Pink on the floor of the U.S. Senate, I am embedded here in Iraq with American soldiers, witnessing first-hand the tremendous success of General Petraeus's ‘surge' strategy. With sectarian killings down 95 percent, suicide bombings down nearly 70 percent, and IED attacks cut nearly in half in the last year in Baghdad, it's about time that defeatists in Congress recognize that we are achieving success in Iraq, and that a safe, secure and free Iraq is critical to our security here at home.


Call these five Senators and let them know that the costs of retreat are enormous so we must complete the mission in Iraq by defeating Al Qaeda.

These senators need to hear from Iraq & Afghanistan veterans, and those who support them about the importance of success in these missions and our national security.

Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) 202-224-6342
Susan Collins (R-ME) 202-224-2523
Norm Coleman (R-MN) 202-224-5641
Harry Reid (D-NV) 202-224-3542
Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (202) 224-2541

Now is the time to keep up the pressure-we are winning in Iraq, and the American people need to know it. Join us in supporting the brave troops in the field who are taking the fight to America's enemies.

Move out and Draw Fire!

Pete Hegseth
Executive Director
Vets for Freedom

Tomorrow's Show at Do The Right Thing Radio

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Thanks again, and as always - please pray for God's will with this new project!


Proof That Boaz Knows What He is Talking About

Qaeda's Zawahri vows revenge over Libi killing: Web

By Firouz Sedarat

DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri vowed revenge for the killing of a top group commander in a suspected U.S. attack in Pakistan, speaking in a video posted on the Internet on Wednesday.

"No chief of ours had died of a natural death, nor has our blood been spilled without a response," Zawahri said in the video posted on an Islamist Web site, referring to the killing of Abu Laith al-Libi.

Libi, considered as one of Osama bin Laden's top lieutenants in Afghanistan, was killed in a suspected U.S. missile strike that killed up to 13 foreign militants in Pakistan's North Waziristan border area in late January.

"If one of our chiefs passes, another arises in his place," Zawahri said, without making a specific threat.

Zawahri, wearing a black turban, spoke as he sat next to an assault rifle in front of shelves full of Islamic books.

"So seek help O Americans and agents of Americans ... from those seeking a way out ... They will be of no help to you," he said, referring to Muslim clerics who have criticized jihadist militants.

Al Qaeda condemns as sell-outs Muslim clerics, including renowned scholars, who have said its jihadist ideology is un-Islamic.

The video was produced by al Qaeda's media arm As-Sahab and carried English subtitles. Libi's prominence in al Qaeda was highlighted last year by his appearance in a video with Zawahri. He was the first spokesman to announce bin Laden had survived the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001.

U.S. media have said the Libyan-born militant was believed to be behind a suicide bombing in February 2007 that killed 23 people outside the main U.S. Bagram base in Afghanistan during a visit by U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney.

In October the U.S. military in Afghanistan named Libi among several "mid-level" al Qaeda and Taliban leaders and offered a $200,000 bounty for him, U.S. media reported.

Some Western anti-terrorism analysts said past killings of leading al Qaeda figures had shown there were usually others ready to fill the gap in the organization's ranks. But other said Libi's killing was a significant U.S. success.

War OF Jihad

by Garry aka boaz

Premise: a Global War OF Jihad exists today.

Query: Can we as a free nation (The United States) allow it to continue?

Nearly anyone with the ability to reason effectively can admit the existence of a war which is being waged from Radical Islam against everything else which they the Radical Muslims declare to be hasam or against Islam. The question then is can we as a nation or we as a planet allow this war to continue to the foreseeable conclusion of a Theocratic Totalitarianism engulfing the entire world in its grip. A grip which will be undeniably more difficult to break free of after it is in complete control of the weapons of mass destruction which so many nations now have available.

I submit to the reader that the idea of living under an Islamic Theocracy is not an acceptable choice from my perspective nor is it a choice I would force upon my children, grandchildren or their children. For any who read this and find the concept of living under a Islamic Theocracy acceptable, stop reading now. The rest of this will most likely be irritating and pointless. Mark Twain said it best. “Never try to teach a pig to dance. It irritates the pig and is a complete waste of your time.”

Jihad, The realization that there is someone “out there” who does not believe in Mohammad as a prophet, but who does see Mohammad as just another thug in the same vein as the recently room temperatured Saddam Hussein. According to the Quran those who believe Mohammad to be just another thug must be converted, subjugated or slain.

That includes the rest of the planet, whether Christian, Jew Buddhist, Rastafarians or somebody who worships cowbells. Believe in Mohammad, who was in essence just a petty Seventh Century Local Dictator with a good plan and a sharp sword or be dealt with. The essence of Jihad speaks to the bloodthirsty religion of hatred which Islam sprang from and to which it is returning after the years of enlightenment, when moderate forces within Islam were in control. The heyday if you will of Islam, when advances were being made in medicine and more notably in the practice of warfarre.

Today we have the remnants of that spirit crushing mish mash of idol worship (the worship of an individual who has no claim to divinity, except through their own profession of godhood) The roots of the current War on Jihad stem from what I thought an unlikely source, The First World War, and the subsequent sundering of the Ottoman Empire, and later the division of the Middle East into discrete and separate countries by the British (most probably by a civil servant sitting in London with no concept of who the people involved were). In retrospect it seems readily apparent that the splitting of an empire by geographic regions rather than on the basis of cultural or ethnic realities was a very shortsighted remedy to a fundamental problem.

Splitting the Ottoman empire though was a stroke of genius, with huge benefits in this present period of time. The idea of having so much of the worlds Petro Dollars concentrated in one political unit is a nightmare I’m glad we don’t have to go through. The amount of money which would be available to Jihadists would be overwhelming, if not for the fundamental friction between the multiple sects of Islam.

The division of the Middle East appears to have been predicated not on the real world ethnic associations of the populations which were being carved up, but on the needs of the victors to further their empire building with an eye toward oil rich Iran, (in the case of the USSR 1) and also to allow empire building by both the British and French in the area. (in the case of the western powers)

The divisions were arranged for the ease of governance and to accommodate the existing players on the field at the time, Ibn Saud, Prince Faisal and Abdullah Hussein, And under the Leadership of Winston Churchill and T.E. Lawrence 2.

The divisions of the Middle East at that time have set the stage for what we now deal with, an Arab world which is divided among themselves into the various sects of Islam (primarily Shia and Sunni) but united against all infidels with equal ferocity when required and within the limits of needing allies against the Great Satan of the United States and the Zionist enclave of Israel.

The war of Islam against all infidels has been going on for the past 1300 years; the War of Jihad against all infidels will go on until the Jihadists or the Infidels (that’s us) win by subjugation or by elimination of the enemy.

How Have House Democrats Performed Their First Year?

Changing direction with this video. We have been showing you a true conservative patriot with several Ronald "The Gipper" Reagan videos.

Now it's time to concentrate on doing what we can to make sure that the democrat control of Congress is undone in the upcoming election.

This, along with doing what we can to expose the hilobama duo for what they really are, will be one of several focus points here at Do The Right Thing in the weeks and months to come!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From ACT! for America

Westerners must mount a united front against Islamic law

Our esteemed American Congress for Truth blog editor and ACT for America news site manager, Jerry Gordon, posted his commentary on the American Congress for Truth blog recently, regarding the Daniel Pipes commentary below. In reference to the prospect of sharia law gradually making its way into our legal system, Jerry wrote:

“I have argued that the way Sharia will insinuate itself into our law would be through arbitration and mediation of domestic and financial disputes through an extra-judicial arbitration system condoned by our courts. That would entail setting up separate a Sharia law section of the American Arbitration Association overseen by Islamic law panels. The Texas appeals court decision reaffirms my view and should be a warning to all about how Sharia will spread through the proverbial legal back door.”

Jerry was referring to a 2003 Texas appeals court that referred a divorce case to a local tribunal called the Texas Islamic Court.

Daniel Pipes, in his story below, documents an instance where opposition to the wishes and wants of Islamists proved successful. In doing so, he makes the case for the core mission of ACT! for America, that of organized, informed resistance against the rising tide of Islamofascism.
"Westerners must mount a united front against Islamic law"

by Daniel Pipes, Jewish World Review, February 19, 2008

Westerners opposed to the application of the Islamic law (the Shari'a) watch with dismay as it goes from strength to strength in their countries — harems increasingly accepted, a church leader endorsing Islamic law, a judge referring to the Koran, clandestine Muslim courts meting out justice. What can be done to stop the progress of this medieval legal system so deeply at odds with modern life, one that oppresses women and turns non-Muslims into second-class citizens?

A first step is for Westerners to mount a united front against the Shari'a. Facing near-unanimous hostility, Islamists back down. For one example, note the retreat last week by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in a dispute concerning guide dogs used by the blind. [emphasis added].

Muslims traditionally consider dogs impure animals to be avoided, creating an aversion that becomes problematic when Muslim store-owners or taxi drivers deny service to blind Westerners relying on service dogs. I have collected fifteen such cases on my weblog, at "Muslim Taxi Drivers vs. Seeing-Eye Dogs": five from the United States (New Orleans, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Brooksville, Fl.; Everett, Wash.); four from Canada (Vancouver, twice in Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Alberta); three from the United Kingdom (Cambridge, twice in London); two from Australia (Melbourne, Sydney); and one from Norway (Oslo).

News accounts quote Muslim cabbies rudely rejecting blind would-be passengers, yelling at them, "No dog, No dog, Get out, get out"; "Get that dog out of here"; and "No dogs, no dogs." The blind find themselves rejected, humiliated, abandoned, insulted, or even injured, left in the rain, dropped in the middle of nowhere, made late for an appointment, or caused to miss a flight.

Islamist organizations initially responded to this problem by supporting anti-canine cabbies. The Muslim Association of Canada pointed out how Muslims generally regard dog saliva as unclean. CAIR on one occasion echoed this assertion, claiming that "the saliva of dogs invalidates the ritual purity needed for prayer." On another, the head of CAIR, Nihad Awad, declared that "People from the Middle East especially ... have been indoctrinated with a kind of fear of dogs" and justified a driver rejecting a guide dog on the grounds that he "has a genuine fear and he acted in good faith. He acted in accordance with his religious beliefs."

However, when the police and the courts are called in, the legal rights of the blind to their basic needs and their dignity almost always trump the Muslim dislike for dogs. The Muslim proprietor or driver invariably finds himself admonished, fined, re-educated, warned, or even jailed. The judge who found a cabby's behavior to be "a total disgrace" spoke for many.

CAIR, realizing that its approach had failed in the courts of both law and of public opinion, suddenly and nimbly switched sides. In a cynical maneuver, for example, it organized 300 cabbies in Minneapolis to provide free rides for participants at a National Federation of the Blind conference. (Unconvinced by this obvious ploy, a federation official responded: "We really are uncomfortable ... with the offer of getting free rides. We don't think that solves anything. We believe the cabdrivers need to realize that the law says they will not turn down a blind person.")

And, finally, last week, the Canadian office of CAIR issued a statement urging Muslims to accommodate blind taxi passengers, quoting a board member that "Islam allows for dogs to be used by the visually impaired."

CAIR's capitulation contains an important lesson: When Westerners broadly agree on rejecting a specific Islamic law or tradition and unite against it, Western Islamists must adjust to the majority's will. [emphasis added]. Guide dogs for the blind represent just one of many such consensus issues; others tend to involve women, such as husbands beating wives, the burqa head coverings, female genital mutilation, and "honor" killings. Western unity can also compel Islamists to denounce their preferred positions in areas such as slavery and Shar'i-compliant finances.

Other Islam-derived practices do not (yet) exist in the West but do prevail in the Muslim world. These include punishing a woman for being raped, exploiting children as suicide bombers, and executing offenders for such crimes as converting out of Islam, adultery, having a child out of wedlock, or witchcraft. Western solidarity can win concessions in these areas too. If Westerners stick together, the Shari'a is doomed. If we do not, we are doomed.
ACT for America
P.O. Box 6884
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

ACT for America is an issues advocacy organization dedicated to effectively organizing and mobilizing the most powerful grassroots citizen action network in America, a grassroots network committed to informed and coordinated civic action that will lead to public policies that promote America’s national security and the defense of American democratic values against the assault of radical Islam. We are only as strong as our supporters, and your volunteer and financial support is essential to our success. Thank you for helping us make America safer and more secure.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Do The Right Thing Radio - Promo

Tonight is the third show of Do The Right Thing Radio. Tune in (click here to go to the link) at 11:00 pm (eastern) as our devotion will be entitled, "The Best of the Good News" based on John 3:16, 17. Of course there will be prayers offered, phone lines opened, the chat room will be on, and some of our Cyber Crew on the show as well.

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This online radio program and blog are the personal work of Pastor Ed Boston aka Cyber Pastor, and 5 contributors known as the Cyber Crew. We come from varied backgrounds and different parts of the country, but our love for our Savior, Jesus Christ, brings us together in this work.

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College Campus or Reeducation Camp?

Indoctrinate U.
Abraham Millers review of this important documentary film.

Evan Maloney's "Indoctrination U" is the film college parents will need to avoid at all costs. Not that Maloney's characterization of the campus as an Orwellian reeducation camp is inaccurate. Nor are the praises for Maloney as a documentary filmmaker exaggerated. Quite to the contrary, Maloney might well be, as critics claim, America's best, young, documentary filmmaker, and "Indoctrination U" just might be the most important documentary of the year.

But, after shelling out what can only be characterized as an obscene amount of money to send a child to college, can parents really come to grips with the reality of what their money is buying?

For nearly four decades, I was a college professor, an identity I whisper about behind closed doors. Today, as a parent of one college student and two about to be sent to reeducation camp, I'd like nothing more than to go through some reprogramming myself so that I can avoid the dissonance wrought by too much information.

Read the rest here.

More about Indoctrinate U.

Brainwashing American Students
By Julia Duin, World Peace Herald.

In the summer of 2007, Harvard appointed an Islamic history professor to head its Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Islamic Studies Program. Harvard is hiring the first of four endowed chairs in the program and is using some of the $20 million donated by a Saudi prince.

Georgetown University received a similar donation—funneling $20 million toward its Center for Muslim Christian Understanding, after its benefactor.
The center, part of the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, trains many of America’s diplomats.
Winfield Meyers, director of Campus Watch said: “The prince new very well Georgetown’s in a milieu filled with lobbyists and opinion makers; thus any program of his will exert more influence there than at a university not in a power center like Washington.”

According to one Saudi press organization, the grants are meant to promote understanding and change America’s perceptions of Islam in the most fertile place, the university campus. The practice started around 1976, when the Saudi government established a King Faisal Chair in Islamic Studies for $1 million at the University of Southern California. Since then, grants for endowed chairs in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies centers have popped up at several major universities.
In 1998, the Sultan bin Abdulaziz al Saud Foundation gave $5 million to Berkeley’s Arab and Islamic Studies Center, whose post-docs have gone on to important tenure-track academic jobs, including Oxford, DePaul, Fordham, and Harvard universities.

In july 2000, the Harvard Divinity School accepted $2.5 million from the ruler of the United Arab Emirates to endow an academic chair in Islamic Religious Studies. However, Rachel Fish, a divinity student, began a protest, accusing the sheik of funding an anti-Semitic think tank in his capital, Abu Dhabi. Harvard officials said they would reconsider accepting the gift. In 2004, the sheik withdrew the funds.

The Israel on Campus Coalition, a group of Jewish organizations, released a study recently saying out of about 4,000 American institutions of higher learning, only nine have Israel studies centers, nine have Israel studies chairs, and 16 have visitng professors teaching about Israel.

Zuhdi Jasser, a Phoenix physician and a moderate Muslim who is chairman of the American Islamic Forum For Democracy said: “Islamists such as the radical fundamentalists seen with the Saudi Wahhabis exploit American universal tolerance to provide a vehicle for the dissemination of their propaganda free of critique. It is important to emphasize---‘free of critique’…it is the tolerance which permits that. One hopes that we correct our reponse, not by changing our tolerance, but by intensely critiquing political Islam and its incompatibility withour pluralistic democracy.”

Does this bother you? Consider the cost of tuition at a major university or college for 1 year, around $30 or 40,000 isn’t it?
What is it they are teaching our kids at these so called institutions of higher learning? Do you know? Do you care?

For that much money you should know. But it isn’t just about the money.

The left has infiltrated nearly every campus in America. Many are teaching professors or are an integral part of college or university administrations and boards.
You expect your children to graduate with a degree that will set them on a path of self determination and hopefully individual success and prosperity, but it is also likely they will come away from their reeducation masters indoctrinated with a philosophy and ideology that is appalling and quite chilling.

Find out what your children are learning, afterall it is likely your hard earned money that is paying for it.

As a side note and just as important I reference “The List of 45” taken from the book “The Naked Communist, written by W. Cleon Skousen. You can find the list clearly detailed
here, thanks to my good friend Snooper at AnewtOne.com.

Pay particular attention to items number 16 through 19, and 40 to 42. Chilling isn’t it. To gain an even better in depth understanding you may want to consider reading the book Naked Communist. If you are unable to find this book at your local library or book store, which is likely, it is still available for purchase online at
Amazon.com or Alibris.com .


Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Media Then and Now - Part 2

by Roger Metzger

The picture here is Roger on the left and John Lind from the Presidential Prayer Team on the right. To see part 1 of this 2 part post, scroll down just a few stories.

Part 2

Now, of course, that’s not the case in the national news. Most -- not all -- “journalists” are bent on interpreting the news, positively or negatively to suit their agendas. Why those agendas are mostly liberal I may not be smart enough to answer.

One conclusion I have is that a lot of it comes from what “reporters” are learning in journalism schools and what they observe in their chosen element of the profession. In other words it’s sort of a self-feeding cycle.

I base my conclusion on the changes I observed in journalism interns and new employees fresh out of college. Mostly, they were very impressive. But things changed with Watergate. Almost immediately, they came to us eager to do only investigative pieces that exposed wrong-doing. They were convinced that every politician, every corporation had an underlying motive of evil and corruption. And they were determined to find it.

Until then, your typical journalist approached their job believing the best in those they covered. It wasn’t being na├»ve … you
used common sense, and if you found wrong-doing you took a reasoned approach to exposing it, but you weren’t driven by that agenda either.

As an example, over the years I did investigative series on labor union corruption and railroad mismanagement. But I took far more satisfaction in reporting on the positive things that happened around me

For years, I was in a newspaper management environment that encouraged that approach to the job … surrounded by true professionals with strong ethics.

That all changed when we were bought out by a major newspaper chain. And that alone, my friends, is one of the saddest things that has happened in every chain acquisition I’m aware of.

For many of my years in journalism, newspapers were locally owned. And the local publishers had a great interest in doing what was good for their communities. Obviously, they needed to make a profit to survive, but making money wasn’t their sole objective.

The new chain owners are focused first on the bottom line. (Of course, the same thing has happened in the medical profession and many other areas.) They de-value staff experience and community awareness. Timeliness gives way to pre-packaging of certain
elements (“McJournalism” a friend once called it) and matching press deadlines to convenient production and distribution schedules … i.e., in many cases, at least in my area, you can’t count on reading Saturday night sports results in your Sunday paper … even Friday night results
in your Saturday paper.

And somewhere in the management chain there must be incentives for winning awards. Personally, and for a lot of my co-workers, winning awards was never that important. Honestly, the prize was doing the best you could on every story.

But back just after our newspaper was sold, our new owners seemed pre-occupied with having a flood. We had quite a bit of snow cover one winter and every time it thawed or rained several of us were sent out into the area to “find the flood.”

I went on several of those wild goose chases and resented every one. Why God favored ‘em with a flood, I’ll never know! But they had a big one, so big and at such a “down” time in significant events across the country, we made national news and the President came to observe and toss a few symbolic sandbags.

Our newspaper’s management campaigned in every way imaginable for recognition and a Pulitzer Prize. And the top award in journalism was ours. There was a champagne celebration in the newsroom. But I and a few colleagues did not celebrate because we somehow felt, maybe naively, if your work was worthy of such an honor the industry would know it without your “selling” it.

The award became even more tarnished when our management vigorously pursued another Pulitzer by reporting relentlessly – and “selling” the industry’s decision-makers with equal determination – a story about an area faith-healing group. The stories weren’t about changing a perceived wrong – they were all about winning an award.

That “sales” effort didn’t achieve the national recognition that was desired. But it cheapened journalism for a number of us who witnessed the process first-hand.

Then we saw another amazing breach of newsroom integrity -- actual deceit of the public for the sake of the dollar, a fascinating story but too much to tell here. And, for me, it was the last straw. I knew I could no longer work for such an institution, and I left.

Happily, I can report I eventually returned to journalism, serving as editor in a free county-wide publication with an emphasis on the good news and information to help people. And it was a rewarding 14-year experience in closing out my career.

I must clarify that deceit in the media is not new. For those of us who remember, the facts were certainly manipulated by the national media during the presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater -- the media’s greatest swing to the left in that era.

We saw the media shift right during for much of the Ronald Reagan Administration. That was due, at least in part, to his ability to communicate his concepts to the American public in “sound bites” that inspired us. I believe that was so effective, the media lost its grip on its leftward-slant.

Of course, before his second term ended, he was portrayed by many in the media as a doddering geezer who couldn’t stay awake and didn’t know what was going on.

As a lifelong outdoorsman, I’ve seen foxes that created the same impression – all the while staying just out of firearm range!

Now, I must say, I can hardly believe I’m living in the America that’s always been dear to me. That’s because the national media goes at great lengths to put a negative spin on everything common sense would suggest is good.

That’s across the spectrum, but most particularly in the War on Terrorism. They have consistently, and conveniently, overlooked a pre-invasion publication in at least two major magazines, listing many weapons of mass destruction and the amounts held in Iraq.
I’ve never read a contradiction of that report … never mind the UN stalling gave Iraq ample time to relocate them. And somehow the national media didn’t widely report the extent of murder and outrageous brutality carried out by Hussein and his sons.

You all know how the media dwelt on failures, not successes, in Iraq and almost dropped it from the radar when the “Surge that Wouldn’t Work” suddenly became a tool of progress.

Unfortunately, the same twisted approach to coverage has been applied to domestic issues … taking a positive, twisting it into a negative, and feeding it to you as gospel.

Just one example that sticks in my craw was the 2007 “Christmas shopping season.” Reports of what a bad season it was going to be for retailers began in October and persisted after Christmas. Retail sales were described as up 4.9 percent in one national account. Also, gift card sales, which are not figured into the tally, were up considerably more. Yet, there were endless reports that holiday sales were “gloomy,” “depressed” and had “plunged dramatically.”

Maybe I’m too old to take it all in. Maybe it’s because I remember a nightly national newscast that began, “Good Evening, Mr. and Mrs. America … There’s good news tonight!”

But I’m not too old to expect all of our news media to actually tell us the truth and let us decide. Or else label it as personal opinion.

Trying to Do The Right Thing - Can Anyone Help?

The following came to this blog via the comment section.

The name Daniel Gilyeat came from this post on February 15: Help These Candidates Who Happen to be Heroes

Mr. Price is trying to get the following message to Daniel Gilyeat, who seems to be a real American hero. If anyone has contacts who might be able to put these two together, that would be awesome!!!

I have been trying to track down a way to email Daniel Gilyeat and this is one of the only ones i could find where i could leave a message. I would just like to say THANK YOU!!!! My cousin was in the army and lost his life over in Iraq on Jan.27,2004. Your story touched my heart! So thank you to not only you but everyone who currently is or has served our great country.

Brynn Price

Vets for Freedom Reports from Baghdad

Vets for Freedom members:

Tonight I leave for Iraq, where I will be reporting-first hand-on the progress there. I will be in Baghdad at FOB Falcon, the base my infantry platoon called "home" for three months in 2005.

For a week, I will imbed with local infantry units, walking and driving the same streets I saw in 2005.

My goal is to report on the conditions on the ground-militarily, culturally, and politically. I will also keep a close eye on the status of Iraqi Security Forces, as well as how American units are implementing the counterinsurgency doctrine.

I will be writing for
National Review Online, and will also post to the Vets for Freedom Troop Blog.
My first piece-marking today's two- year anniversary of the Golden Mosque bombing in Samarra-is already up on NRO.
Click here to read it, or see the text below.

General Petraeus and our fellow troops have made incredible progress in Iraq, and this trip is just one small part of trying to get the word out. The main effort-our
National Heroes Tour and Vets on the Hill-is still to come...don't miss your chance to be a part of it.

Moving Out to Draw Fire,

Pete Hegseth
Executive Director
Vets for Freedom

National Review Online

Golden Moments

One bombing hastened a widespread rejection of al-Qaeda.

By Pete Hegseth

Two years ago today, the city of Samarra awoke to an enormous "boom," as al-Qaeda gunmen stormed the Al Askariya Shrine and blew up it's revered golden dome. With one barbaric act, the "Golden Mosque" was destroyed, along with its sectarian tradition.

Al-Qaeda perpetrated the bombing - on a universally revered Shiite mosque in a Sunni town - to stoke sectarian hatred and incite reprisals. Their twisted scheme worked; and within hours, violence spread throughout Iraq. On February 22, 2006, an already fragile Iraq burst at the seams.

Shia militias exploited the event to target Sunni mosques, and sic their death squads on Sunni innocents. Al-Qaeda, posing as defenders of Sunnis (and the faith?), retaliated with attacks on Shia groups, killing thousands of innocents with suicide bombers. Full-fledged civil war ensued.

Ill prepared, both strategically and tactically, the American military had no comprehensive plan to stem the violence. The mosque bombing, more than any other event during my time in Iraq, underscored this fact.

I was one of four Americans in the Samarra mayor's office the night of the bombing, as city leaders, elders, and religious leaders gathered to discuss the tragic event. City leaders came prepared to reach out in cooperation, knowing full well that such an egregious offense against Islam - perpetrated by al-Qaeda criminals - could be a unifying event in all-Sunni Samarra.

Caught off guard by this approach, the American leadership in the room stubbornly continued to insist on "finding the bad guys." Oh, the missed opportunity.

In that office, and in the months to come throughout Iraq, unconventional and asymmetrical warfare proved too much for America's conventional "kill and capture" approach. The insurgency used human bombs and chopped off heads, while the American military continued to hunker down on large bases, deploying only for large-scale maneuvers that netted few insurgents.

The violence, and the environment that allowed it, persisted well beyond my time in Baghdad and Samarra, and by early 2007, Iraq was on the brink of total collapse. American casualties were at near-record levels, dozens of disfigured Iraqi bodies appeared on the streets of Baghdad every morning, and substantial political progress - locally and nationally - was almost nonexistent.

Two years later - recalling that time, everything from the terror on people's faces, to the scent in the air - the lessons we learned then are lessons we must remember now, on the second anniversary of the attack.

The bombing of the Golden Mosque brought down the dome of an ancient shrine but, in a twisted way, it also hastened a widespread rejection of al-Qaeda that ultimately led to the lowering of barriers between the U.S. and local leaders, thus providing the building blocks of our current progress in Iraq. The seeds of success are sometimes sown in the darkest moments.

The counterinsurgency strategy we are using with great success in Iraq today should have been implemented from the beginning of the war - or at least by 2006. Doing so would have saved countless American and Iraqi lives.

That said, the Samarra mosque bombing fully exposed the ugly underbelly of al-Qaeda and radical Shia militias to the Iraqi people, providing a frightening glimpse into what a fanatical post-American regime might look like. Saddam was ruthless, but al-Qaeda is soulless.

This post-bombing realization - combined with General Petraeus's counterinsurgency strategy and an additional 30,000 troops - created a dynamic on the ground that changed the war. The Iraqi people stood up against violent extremists, and the Americans were finally able to support them by substantively improving conditions at the street level.

This combination has proved lethal for al-Qaeda, as well as radical Shia elements, namely Moqtada Al Sadr who today extended his ceasefire for another six months, more out of weakness than strategic value - his top lieutenants and militia leaders are dead.

Over the past year, violent attacks throughout Iraq are down over 65 percent, sectarian violence is down over 90 percent, Iraqi security forces are truly taking the lead in operations, and - thank God - American casualties are near all-time lows.

These dramatic security improvements have - as intended - created an environment in which Iraqi political leaders can reconcile. The result: De-Baathification law - passed. Provincial election law - passed. Amnesty law - passed. $50 billion budget - passed. With much more in the pipeline.

More importantly, at the local level, Iraqis have banded together to protect their neighborhoods and start the process of truly rebuilding Iraq. Markets are flourishing, shops have reopened, and in former al-Qaeda strongholds, girls are going back to school.

This is the story of Iraq two years after the Samarra bombing.

2006 was the year of al-Qaeda and civil war, 2007 the year of America's "re-liberation" of Iraq, and 2008 promises to be the year of Iraqi progress. Make no mistake about it, there will be more setbacks - some dramatic - but a continued American commitment in Iraq has incredible potential.

But don't just take my word for it today. For the next ten days I will be back in Iraq to cover these developments firsthand. I will walk the same streets I walked as an infantry platoon leader in 2005, and will report back on National Review Online. Stay tuned.

Pete Hegseth, who served in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division from 2005 to 2006, is executive director of Vets for Freedom.

Tribute to Ronald Reagan

A combination of many short clips. It's long but worth the time to watch.


Friday, February 22, 2008

The Media Then and Now - Part 1

It’s my hope that none of you believes everything you read and hear in the national news media is the truth. As a journalist of nearly 50 years, it pains me to say that. At one time, hearing it would have made me mad. But today, having been a participant and close observer in the changing profession, I know it is so.

Certainly, the concept is nothing new to many of you. But I thought you might be interested in the perspective of someone in the business who’s watched it deteriorate.

The base for considering all that’s changed goes back to the mid-1950’s when I started writing while still in high school. I was asked by my hometown newspaper publisher if I would be interested in covering some high school basketball games.

That was my first glimpse of heaven! I loved basketball! I stayed awake at night when I was 9 or 10, while most tender hearts were sound asleep, listening to Hilliard Gates do the play-by-play for the then-Fort Wayne Pistons of the NBA. Giants of the game like George Mikan, Clyde Lovellette, Dolph Schayes, George “Bird” Yardley and many more seemed as familiar to me as my childhood pals.

Having the chance to tell the story of games, in print, was almost beyond my imagination. Lacking the ability to type, my early reports were hand-written. But a commerce instructor at our high school graciously gave me a crash course in typing and that soon made it easier for a newspaper employee to convert my game reports to type.

When that basketball season was over, the newspaper offered me a “gofer” job with the paper, evenings and Saturday mornings. And before the end of my senior year, the paper asked me to become a full-time employee as sports editor, general news reporter and photographer/engraver. That was great preparation for a couple of newspaper jobs I later filled, one in various capacities including newsroom management at a major daily in northeastern Indiana.

As green as I was fresh out of high school, the matter of integrity and accuracy in reporting was never preached to me. It was just understood. It was much like the experience for many of us as we grew up in that era … do something foolish and the “neighborhood watch” was going to report it to your parents. You WOULD face the consequences.

And so it was in the newspaper business.

Screw up, misreport the facts and your editor/publisher WOULD hear about it and so WOULD you!!! Most importantly, as a newspaper reporter you might be the most brilliant wordsmith your area had ever seen. But if you couldn’t be trusted to tell a story straight, pretty soon you wouldn’t be trusted at all. And then you had nothing to offer your paper, any other paper or the public.

I’m proud to say nearly every journalist I ever worked with (and I once worked with a team of journalists that shared a Pulitzer Prize) was self-motivated to get the story and to tell it accurately. We had an uncompromising sense of urgency about reporting things as they happened.

If we wanted to put our personal take on a story there was always an opportunity to do that … but it was clearly identified as “Commentary” or “Editorial.” It wasn’t passed off as news!

The largest paper I worked for was well-known for its conservative Republican editorial position. Yet, something that pleased me more than any recognition that ever came my way was a comment from our state’s Democrat United States Senator, who once told me he was glad to see me covering his events because he knew my stories always accurately reflected what he said. I didn’t much like several of his policies, but I knew my job was telling the story fairly. And he recognized that result!

I’m happy to say that didn’t make me special back then. Most of my peers received similar comments from the people they dealt with on their beats.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

God and Allah, Are They The Same? Part II

This is the continuation of the discussion “God and Allah, Are They The Same?”

If you spent a little time at the previously listed web sites in Part 1 then this will be much easier to understand.

All information in this post is credited to Ben.

Islam and Christianity

The Koran vs. The Bible; http://www.dianedew.com/islam.htm
Side by side comparative scripture.

For the Islamic concept, see: http://www.islam101.com/tauheed/conceptofGod.htm

ALLAH, the Moon God
Review of The Moon God Allah in the Archaeology of the Middle East.
www.biblebelievers.org.au/moongod.htm - 16k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

3:54 "And (then unbelievers) plotted and planned [makaroo] and Allah too planned [makara] and the best [khayr] of planners [makireen] is Allah"

#393 The Arabic Makara has both a bad and a good meaning, that of making an intricate plan to carry out some secret purpose. The enemies of Allah are constantly doing that. But Allah-in whose hands is all good-has His plans also, against which the evil ones will have no chance whatever.

The Arabic word makara means to DECEIVE, PLAN, PLOT, SCHEME.

*** The Quran depicts Allah as a SLY, DECEIVING & CUNNING SCHEMER who plans and plots against his own CREATION that he had already PREDESTINED to end up either in Paradise or in Hell.

Such human attributes cannot possibly fit any supreme being, if Allah is the same as the God of Israel.

In fact such attributes are pure BLASPHEMY ***

The Arabic Bible in Genesis 3:1 uses the same word for Satan.

However, the Vand Dyck and Jerusalem Bibles use the root word hayala, which means to DECEIVE or to LIE.

This word "schemer" (makir) is a very strong word which Wehr and Abdel-Nour define as "sly, cunning, wily, deceiver".

The Arabic-Arabic unjid defines it with "khuda`a" which means exactly the same thing
(Bill Campbell in his book The Qur'an and the Bible in the Light of History and Science p.217-218).

Another reference to the DECEIT of Allah:

7:99 Did they then fell secure against the plan [makr] of Allah? But no one can feel secure from the plan [makr] of Allah except those (doomed) to ruin!

The phrase of Allah "being the best deceiver". "khayr-ol- makireen" is also used of Allah in Suras 8:30; 10:21.

8: 30 Remember how the unbelievers plotted [yamkuroo] against thee to keep thee in bonds or slay thee or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan [yamkuroona] and Allah too plans [yamkuroo] but the best of planners [ khayr- ol-makireen] is Allah.

10:21 When We make mankind taste of some mercy after adversity hath touched them Behold! they take to plotting [makaroo] against our Signs! Say: "Swifter to plan [asra'oo makiran] is Allah!" Verily Our messengers record all the plots that ye make [tamkuroona] !

Allah is the most DECEITFUL in Sura 3:54 and in Sura 30:8

In sura 10:21 Allah is referred to be the fastest in DECEIT/ PLOTTING/ SCHEMING.

The root with its nine forms is used in the Quran 43 times.

English translations of the Quran try to conceal the true meaning of "deceiver"

Yusuf Ali 3:54"And (the unbelievers) Plotted and planned, And Allah too planned, And the best [khayr] of planners Is Allah."

*** Yusuf Ali, in his version of the Quran, says that Makara can be "good or
bad", positive or negative, (note 393), but all the Arabic dictionaries do not show the 'good' side ***

Arberry Sura 3:between 45 and 50" And they devised, and God [Allah] devised, and God [Allah] is the best [khayr] of devisers"

Malik 3:54 "The (unbelievers among the children of Israel) plotted (against Isa) and Allah also devised a plan (to raise him up), and Allah is the best [khayr] in planning."

10:21 "When we bestow mercy upon the people, after adversity had afflicted them, they immediately scheme against our revelations! Say, "GOD's [Allah's] scheming is far more effective. For our messengers are recording everything you scheme." (http://www.submission.org/suras/sura10.html)

Pickthall 3:54 "And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them); and Allah is the best [khayr] of schemers."

Maulawi Sher Ali, an Ahmaddiyya 3:54 "And they planned, and Allah also planned; and Allah is the Best of planners."

In Farsi, the word, "Makr" and "Makar" is from the Arabic, and it is invariably negative.

Interpretation of Sura 3:54-

The person who is a Makir (Same form as the word Kafir), speaking of
the attribute of a person, is one who would outwit someone else to cause them harm.

It speaks of one who would reveal the opposite of what he plans to do. The reality is that he is scheming evil for that person. Hence there is the sense of planning and scheming but mostly it means to trick, outwit and deceive for the purpose of overpowering and conquering the other.

A Makir is one who devises a secret scheme against someone else. Synonyms would be cheating, defrauding, double-crossing, deceiving, tricking, in all cases Makara has the sense of defeating the one you have tricked.

Although Quranic verses are rarely understood in the context of verses that surround them, the best explanation of this verse is that some Jews were trying to deceive Jesus into believing that they have accepted his message while in reality were plotting to have him excuted.

Unfortunately for them, Allah knew of their scheme because they cannot outwit Allah, and he in turn schemed to deceive them by having a Jesus look-alike get executed instead. So the literal translation that best represents the intention of the verse is:

Sura 3:54 "... and (they) Deceived and Allah Deceived and Allah is the deceivest of deceivers "

In Arabic: "Wa makaru wa makara Allah wa Allah khayru^l Makireen."

The context of the story is very important since Sura 3 is regarded to be Muhammad's understanding of Christian beliefs.

Al Tabari says here, that the deceit of Allah applies to the time when the Jews wanted to kill Isa the son of Miriam [Mary]. In order not to have Jesus killed, someone else had the face of Isa put on him so he was killed instead of Isa the son of Miriam [Mary]. This is how Allah deceived the Jews.

*** If Jesus did not DIE on the CROSS, then obviuosly there could have been no RESURRECTION.

Without Death & Resurrection, there is no purpose for Christianity. Hence with one single sentence, the whole of Christianity is OBLITERATED.

Since according to the Quran, its verses were 'revealed' by the angel Gabriel, the same who predicted the miraculous birth of Jesus as the REDEEMER of humanity, then Allah DECEIVED the Christians TWICE:

Once for the reason of Jesus's birth and then for his non death.

From all of the above, the true nature of Allah is revealed ***

Deception of the Qu’ran By Translators

Islam- The World Power of The Future?

Allah, Who Is He?

Ecumenical Outreach Ministry
At this site you can click on “Books” to bring up a page with several Word documents or Adobe.pdf’s.

Under the heading "Questions About Faith" scroll down to item number 65. There you will see an MS Word doc and Adobe pdf icons. Click on your preference to bring up the subject of "God In Islam and Christianity".

May the God of Abraham bless you with knowledge and understanding.


Prayer asked for and answered before I got the request

This is breaking news; and, hopefully will turn out OK, but inspired by your show, I asking for your prayers. Thanks, Mark (not Snooper)

"MSNBC is reporting that the helicopter carrying the two Senators (Hagel & Kerry) made and emergency landing in Afghanistan. The network says no other news is available at this time."

Gosh, you are good, and quick! Mark (I didn't even get a chance to pray, except a prayer of Thanksgiving)

A helicopter carrying three senior U.S. senators has made an emergency landing in Afghanistan. CNN is reporting that no one on board was injured.

Sens. John Kerry, Joseph Biden and Chuck Hagel were aboard the aircraft., according to Jon Summers, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The lawmakers are on a trip this week that includes stops in India, Turkey and Pakistan.

"After several hours, the senators were evacuated by American troops and returned overland to Bagram Air Base, and left for their next scheduled stop in Ankara, Turkey," a statement from Kerry's office said. "Sen. Kerry thanks the American troops, who were terrific as always and who continue to do an incredible job in Afghanistan."

Hagel's office tells Action 3 News, a local Nebraska station the Senators were flying out of Afghanistan after a meeting with Afghan President Karzai. A snowstorm forced the pilot to land at Bagram Air Base near Kabul.

Kerry and Biden are Democrats from Massachusetts and Delaware, respectively, and the Republican Hagel is from Nebraska

And from FoxNews

WASHINGTON — A helicopter carrying three senior U.S. senators made an emergency landing in Afghanistan because of a snowstorm, but the senators are OK, spokesmen for the senators said Thursday.

Sens. John Kerry, Joseph Biden and Chuck Hagel were aboard the aircraft, according to Jon Summers, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The lawmakers are on a trip this week that includes stops in India, Turkey and Pakistan.

Mike Buttry, a spokesman for Hagel, said that the landing appeared to be due to a minor equipment problem, and the three already were on their next leg of their trip, heading to Turkey.

After making the landing, the senators and their delegation returned to Bagram Air Base in a motor convoy.

"After several hours, the senators were evacuated by American troops and returned overland to Bagram Air Base, and left for their next scheduled stop in Ankara, Turkey," the Kerry statement said. "Sen. Kerry thanks the American troops, who were terrific as always and who continue to do an incredible job in Afghanistan."

Kerry and Biden are Democrats from Massachusetts and Delaware, respectively, and the Republican Hagel is from Nebraska.

Do The Right Thing Radio - Show #2

Dear friends,

Our second show for Do The Right Thing Radio will start at 2:00 pm (eastern) today.

Looking forward to seeing those of you who are able to listen to an afternoon show. The devotion topic will be The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (nope, we didn't use that on Monday).

I know that at least 3 of our Cyber Crew, should be available for the show, so listen in - call in and may the show bring a little bit of Jesus to you today!

Get all the details about it by clicking on the following link
www.blogtalkradio.com/cyberpastor .

Pastor Ed

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let Us "Stir The Pot"

The following is rewritten and taken from the Levitt Letter which I subscribe to. I thought it was pertinent to what many of us perhaps know already but were afraid to admit publicly.
This may be somewhat controversial, even contentious, but please read it carefully.

How many times will you, as a Christian, "turn the other cheek", or avoid unpleasantness(is that a word?)?

Will you pick the tough road filled with obstacles and enemies, or will you choose the path of least resistance and no enemies?

DeSeifering Our World
By Dr. Jefferey Seif. Zola Levitt Ministries.

Should Christains make praying for their enemies an absolute priority?
I say absolutely “Not”! By contrast I suggest that Christians making enemies should be a priority and then, once made, we should be praying for them.
Sound strange? Listen up.

While Christains are fond of quoting Jesus praying “forgive them; they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34), we do well to note that, though they didn’t know what they were doing, Jesus certainly did. At one level, they were responding to Jesus’ having previously and provocatively taken a whip to individuals in the Jewish Temple (see John 2:13-22). Jewish authorities were, in like manner, responding to having been the object of Jesus’ prophetic scorn in Matthew 23:1-35, in the process of which they were referred to as “ hypocrites” (v.14; cf.vv. 23, 27) “blind guides” (v. 16; cf. vv. 24, 26), “fools” and “blind” (v. 17; cf.v. 24); and, as if all this wasn’t bad enough, Jesus likewise went on record calling them “serpents” and then “broods of vipers” in v. 33.
Though Jesus prayed for His enemies, He also made His enemies on the heels of His provocations.

Paul, for his part, did much the same.

A riot ensued in the wake of Paul’s early ministry in Damascus, and he was spirited away in a basket to avoid getting killed (Acts 9:23-25). He narrowly escaped Thessalonica, when riots followed there (Acts 17:1-10). Luke informs that Paul generated so much discontent in Jerusalem that the authorities “called for two centurions…saying ‘Prepare two hundred soldiers, seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen… and provide mounts to set Paul on, and bring him to Felix the governor’” (Acts 23:23-24).

Add Pauls own autobiography to this mess, and we learn that he was slashed with whips many times, and on more than one occasion, beaten with rods, stoned with boulders, and imprisoned frequently (II Corinthians 11:23-33). This guy was a virtual riot-maker! Though Paul graciously prayed for his enemies, let’s remember that he made them too. Had he done nothing with his life---as seems the case with many Christians today---the world would have ignored him, much as it ignores much of the boring and irrelevant in the church today.

It’s for this and other reasons that I say praying for our enemies should not be our priority, as much as making them should be, by taking stands.
Jesus, Paul, and the early brethren did not invoke the ire of the authorities by being really, really nice guys---the image of today’s Christians. No. They “stirred it up” by boldly contending for principles; and they, as we know, got into trouble by virtue of their so doing.

Seems to me that the issue of “praying for our enemies” is a moot and irrelevant point for many Christians today.
Many simply don’t have any enemies to pray for because, contrary to the teachings and examples of Jesus and Paul, they are not doing anything to “ruffle any feathers” in the world.
I say, “Let’s take stands, make enemies and then---of course---pray for them.”

Yes, We Can !!!

The Gipper was proud of this country! Mrs obama needs to listen the this.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do The Right Thing Radio - Act 1 Recap

The opening show of "Do The Right Thing Radio" is now behind us, and I believe it was a learning experience for all of us involved. Thank you Heavenly Father for allowing the show to happen, and for helping us to learn from this experience!

You can go here, and listen to the archieve of last night's show.

Let me say a great big THANK YOU to the "Cyber Crew" of Dean, Garry, Bert, Roger, and Susan! Each of them was a very big part of the praying, planning, and pulling off of this first show, and there is no way I would have even attempted to take on this new project without them!

I also want to say, I had no idea how nervous that I would be. I preach 2 to 3 sermons every week, and rarely if ever am I nervous. I've been a caller and a guest on other BTR shows, and wasn't nervous. Last night however, I was "on edge" as much as I've been in a long time.

I think the difference for me was I was "out of my element". I'm used to seeing and hearing those in the audience when I preach. Last night, other than a few times with the callers and an occaisional comment in the chat room - there was dead silence "looking" at me. I know the Lord will help me overcome this problem.

A short recap of the show will follow, and then some comments, I've received after that.

The song "The Great Adventure" opened the show. From listening to the beginning of the archieve, I realize there was a technical glitch on the song, but it was my fault and I know what happened, so I won't make that mistake again. This will stay the shows opening song for now.

I gave an introduction of myself and and the show followed by introduction of the Cyber Crew who were on the phone with us. Dean, Roger, Bert and Garry all told us a little about their backgrounds and their love for Christ.

Following the intro's, we had a time of group prayer with each of us praying for topics such as: those who were listening to the program, the following of God's will for the program, President Bush and all national, state and local leaders, our troops, and our first responders.

The song, "What If His People Prayed" was next and then our dear friend, mentor, consultant, and all around great guy, Mark (Snooper) called in. During his conversion, he mentioned his son who in the 101st Airborne Division serving in Iraq. We said a special prayer for MJ, and his fellow soldiers.

More round table type discussion followed, and a "special" prayer for a miracle for healing for one of the listeners was given.

Each of us took a short time of wrap-up, and the show finished with the song "Keep The Candle Burning".

Here are a few quotes about the show:

"Show report -- great launch .......Good format -- first time for me. I had some mixed feelings tonight. We had the funeral today and he is the second very close friend I lost in four weeks.

.....You guys took my mind off that and made me think how lucky I was to know them and for them to let me hang with them"

Another comment: "The show was great! I haven't felt the Holy Spirit touch me like it did tonight in very long time.............Last night I slept like a baby for 8 1/2 hours. Something I haven't been able to do for years. The Holy Spirit truly does remarkable things.....I need more of that!"

Pray that Do The Right Thing Radio will be a tool of God's to work in the lives of those who listen, like the two comments above.

The next show will be Thursday at 2:00 pm (eastern).

God Bless you all,

Pastor Ed