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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bert Explains Waterboarding - From a First Hand Perspective

This came in as a comment from Cyber Crew member Bert. I thought it was too good not to make a post out of. It's great that Bert is once again able to give his unique perspective on the issues.

Bert's Take On Waterboarding

What amazes me is that "waterboarding" continues to be classified as torture. I watch as the MSM continues to show a clip of a guy tied up being dunked in a swimming pool and this is portrayed as waterboarding.

I have been personally waterboarded twice.

The reason one is restrained is so that the towel that is put over one's face doesn't fall off when one tries to sit up. When the towel is put on one's face, the interrogator merely pours a bit of water on the towel. If you try to suck a bunch of air then, you will think you can't breathe.

In truth, there isn't enough water to drown you nor do you suffer enough lack of oxygen for you to pass out or have any bodily functions shut down. But compared to what others do to get information, this is relatively harmless.

But the thing that I am constantly amazed at is when folks, including John McCain, say we don't torture so that our guys won't be tortured. El Toro Poo Poo.

We have not fought anyone since the Germans in WWI who adhered to international standards for treatment of prisoners. So this reason is a fallacy. If people want to say that we don't use harsh interrogation techniques because the world will think less of us if we do, that doesn't guarantee that they will support us if we are chivalrous anyway.

My own feeling is that folks like Lanny Davis, Pelosi, Harman, and the like are nothing but sorry parasites that get to suck oxygen because better people than them stopped sucking oxygen in places like Tarawa, the Ardennes, Inchon, Khe Sahn, Takrit, and Helmand Province.

My wife's uncle made it through a bad night at Guadacanal with an entrenching tool he had sharpened on a rock. Davis and his ilk believe a bad night is when their toilet paper is hung backwards on its holder. And so given their sensitivities, none of them are qualified to comment or judge what is torture or not.