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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Outspoken Christian Wins American Idol As "Underdog"

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'Idol' Upset: Did The Evangelical Christian Vote Push Kris Allen Over The Edge?

Thursday, May 21, 2009
By Hollie McKay

Kris Allen was indeed the underdog going into the "American Idol" finale on Wednesday evening, and the vibe inside the Nokia Theater was definitely in favor of the more controversial, theatrical and incredibly "out there" California native Adam Lambert.

"Adam has the potential to be a star so overall you could say he deserves to win," Simon Cowell told Tarts on Wednesday afternoon. "But this is 'American Idol,' anything could happen and we could have an upset."

And an upset for Cowell it clearly was -- the outspoken judge was the only one not to give Allen a standing ovation when he was announced the 2009 winner as determined by a record-breaking 100 million votes.

VIDEO: Click here to see FOX & Friends' Brian Kilmeade chat with new 'Idol' Kris Allen.

So was it the Christian vote that prevailed in Allen's favor?

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The 2009 season of FOX broadcasting's "American Idol" had it's share of open and honest Christians who shared their faith as much as possible. Not known to many viewers is the fact that two contestants held joint-bible studies and even converted people to Christ.

Kris Allen and Danny Gokey both have strong connection to their faith but it was Kris who overcame the odds set by media-hype that fellow contestant Adam Lambert would be the winner. However the millions of Christians who prayed and organized online prayer groups asking for God to intervene would have the final say.

"It wasn't about asking God to make sure he won" says a Kris Allen fan. "It's about showing America conservative principals are still very much alive"

Even with the increasing liberal tide the country seams to be taking through the media has not taken over "American Idol". Over the past eight seasons 7 out of the 8 winners have in some form openly shared their faith and held bible study.

Kris Allen shows that someone in their 20's can be traditional and conservative in today's every increasing liberal world. At the age of 23 he has been married for a few years and is active with his church community.

This year turned out to be one of the closest years where even Simon Cowell considered the "head-judge" couldn't predict the turn out. Kris Allen's debut single hits radio airwaves tomorrow (May 21) titled "No Boundaries" which has also been arranged to be pick up by many contemporary Christian radio stations.

Here is the video: