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Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Build Up to M-Day" - A Tribute to my Dad

A Tribute to my Dad John Francis Scott

My dad was the most patriotic person I had ever known.  He joined the United States Marine Corp after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor to fight for our country.  He lied to get in because he was only 17, but that is how much he loved our country.  My dad did not talk much about the war and what he went through but the little that he did say to me out in our backyard at the picnic table one day has had a profound affect on me.  

The year was 1969 and we were at war in Vietnam.  I was a freshman in college and there were many war protesters including my boyfriend who was trying to drag me into it. I must have said something to my dad at the time.  This is when he briefly told me something that affected his entire life.  I know it has mine and along with my dad's patriotism and this very brief story helps make me the patriot that I am today.

My dad told me that thirty of his US Marine buddies from the PT boat that went ashore to one of the Islands in the South Pacific died and he was the only survivor.  That is pretty much all he said.  When I watched the "Saving Private Ryan" movie I knew the horrible thing that happened to my dad from loosing all those Marine friends and brothers.  Who knows what else my dad went through, but I am sure there was plenty more. But just knowing what he said about that makes me look back and know that my dad had brought the war home with him because the anger and rage, yet love in him at the same time.  I know he had PTSD-Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.  We didn't know at the time but he had lived with it as well as us his family.  I don't blame him.  It only makes me love him more even though he is in heaven now and it also makes me love and appreciate the troops even more and what they go through.  And we must not make this another excuse to say "There you go! We need to pull out of the war". 

No!  We just need to pray harder and deal with the issues of war in a better way.  We need to honor, love and pray for them and get them the help they need .  Not only do the troops suffer in ways we cannot understand and their families too.  But that is not a reason to not have war.  Going to war has a much greater reason when necessary.  All the soldiers, all the troops, all the United States Marines that have ever fought in a war for this country did it for such a greater reason that just going to war.  Many people especially the liberal left of which I use to be don't understand it.  Before Jesus Christ I did not understand any of these things but God put things in perspective for me after I got TRUTH inside.  

Truth for this country came from the beginning of it and that is the reason for truth for this country is freedom.  Freedom has been the reason for war in this country and we must never forget we have to fight for our freedoms just like two people have to fight for a marriage God put together.  And sometimes it can get very very ugly.

The enemy of our souls does not want any individual freedoms and he does not want a country to have it's freedoms.  Evil entities go about seeking whom they may devour and our country has had to fight it's physical wars along with the with spiritual wars to keep our freedom.  We must never retreat from either.  My dad along with all the other Marines, soldiers, troops that have fought and are now fighting for our country to be and stay free are the bravest souls on earth.  In heaven they all have a special place.  

My dad was strong, patriotic and good in so many ways.  But he ended his own life by shooting him self in the head after a long battle with heart attacks and a hidden thing we now know is Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.  He is another American Hero who fought in a war that kept our country Free.  To him I owe much as well as all the other Veterans that fought in every other war and servicemen and women that joined to keep our nation free.  America!  Land of the FREE and HOME of the VERY VERY BRAVE!  I honor all Veterans and current Troops this Memorial Day weekend 2008.  Thank you!  From the bottom our hearts we say to you and may God hold that VERY special place in Heaven for you as I know He DOES!  


Wanda Fay Gladwill
San Diego, California