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Friday, May 23, 2008

"Build Up to M-Day" - "Freedom is not Free"

I believe this should go on your blog. Use this to give all the people the message of Memorial Day.

I ask you to do this in memory of our fallen, our Troops, & our beloved Veterans & families.

You'll see what I mean after you read it.


It bears repeating: "Freedom is not free."

To all the veterans who will read this email, I humbly thank you.
Words tremble on my lips and emotions swell in my heart in my attempt
to humbly thank each and every one of you. Words cannot express my
depth of gratitude for your service and your sacrifice.

To all the families of veterans who have endured days, weeks, months,
and even years, without their loved ones, I thank you. You, too, have
paid a dear price for the freedom that is not free.

To all of you who are currently on active duty or have family members
on active duty, I thank you. Let my grateful tears thank you for the
nights you have slept freezing in a tent or sweating in the desert,
for the days you have spent lonely missing your loved ones.

Thank you all for the sacrifices you have made and are making on our behalf.

And may we never forget the ultimate sacrifice that so many have made
so that we might be free. May their legacy be honored for generations
to come. May their blood not have been shed in vain. May we prove
worthy of the sacrifice they have made for us.

All of you are my heroes. You are our national treasure. I salute you
one and all.

For you and the country we love,

Brigitte Gabriel