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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Episode 2: The Amazing Adventures of Border Boy and Cyber Pastor

The Amazing Adventure

Additional abbreviations:
SS & L -- Sisters of Sweetness & Light
ETA -- Estimated Time of Arrival
RP -- Rally Point


In the mean time Madam Pelosky, [evil empress music] that evil empress also known as Black Moon...er..um...BM for short was raging around the WH security center screaming at her Agents of Chaos. "You get that worthless sob Agent Smoker on the radio right now or I will assign you to South Pole duty so fast your pointy little head will spin!" "Er, yes madam Pelosky," a young agent responded, "trying maam." Black Moon in all her plastic made up beauty with hands on her very ample hips said, "Well YOU damn well better get him and soon or I'll have your balls for dinner! His are already mine for breakfast!" A few minutes evolved and Stanger's group arrives in their specially equipped Black Ford F-250's...minus Stanger.

Prying1 walks up to BB and CP to fill them in. BB: "Where is Stanger?"

Prying1: "He said something about seeing TCT walking kinda wobbly legged down the street arm in arm with a bunch of ladies in pink dresses and decided he better go see what's up with that."

BB: "Did he say where exactly?"

Prying1, turning to BB: "Well he thought they might be headed for that big convention center down the street from the WH."

CP:" Ladies dressed in pink dresses. Were they all in pink dresses?"

Turning then to CP: "According to Stanger, everyone of them was dressed in pink. Short skirts and all."

CP: "Oh dear God. The Pink Ladies of DC have kidnapped TCT!"

BB: "Murphy!"

Prying1: "Huh?"

BB: "That's right. Murphy! You know Murphy from Murphy's Law?"

Prying1: "Oh THAT Murphy!"

CP "Oh criminy. We have got to rescue that poor boy before he's corrupted."

BB: "You got that right. But we can't just go strollin' in there like a bunch of horny old goats."

CP: " Yup. This a job for AnnieB and her Sisters of Sweetness & Light."

BB: "Yeah well we better get them on the "horn" and get 'em over here ASAP. Times a wastin'."

CP: "Roger that! Freedom Base.. actual 1. Over."

Freedom Base: "Copy actual 1."

CP: "Get the SS&L saddled up and moving to our rally point post haste."

Freedom Base: "Wilco. Sending now."

BB: " Base...actual. Make sure they dress like hookers."

Freedom Base: "Huh? Repeat. Over."

BB: "Yeah. You heard me. Do it now. ETA?"

Freedom Base: "Wilco. ETA 20 minutes. Out."

BB: " Damn. What a thing to happen. Now it's a waiting game."

CP: " We knew Mr. Murphy would show his ugly head at some point didn't we?"

BB: "Yeah, dangit. Murphy always rides along."

Prying1: "Orders sir?"

BB: "Take 10 buddy. We aren't movin' until Annie B and the SS&L shows up."

CP calls everybody together. "Let us pray.... Almighty and Eternal Father....."

BB: "Alright. Prying1 go see if Joy The Artist has the cloaking device warmed up. If so tell her to engage. We're in for a long night."

Prying1: "Roger that boss."

CP and BB rec'd a communication back from Freedom Village regarding the uplinked data from the WH.

Joi: "The Data decoded just fine, but these libs are so disorganized that it takes a while to figure out what any of this means. Have either of you two ever heard of e-worms?

CP: is that like some kind of virus?

Joi: sort of, except these are micro-rods that are about 18" in length and as thin as a piece of angel hair pasta. These "rods" look like glass, but contain heat-memory cells. The Libs bio harvested those glowing fish in the bottom of the marianas trench to use their bio luminesence.

Those hypocrites! And they say they care about the earth!!!

CP: yes but what evil could they be cooking up with these rods?

BB: hell if I know, we need to get ahold of one of them for analysis

Joi, any clues as to where these things are being manufactured?

Joi: apparently there are two R & D facilities. One in Vermont. But it relies on data from the main facility. From the looks of this intel they don't store e-worms on site. The other one is located at an abandoned military lab in southern California just outside of Los Angeles. Chances are there is a large underground facility. I'll get our resident expert [12iggymom?] to locate blueprints and maps of the facility. Dispatching a VTOL to your location for pick up as soon as CT is safe.

CP: uh - oh -- you mean..?

BB: Saddle up -- we're on our way to L.A.

CP: oy

Joi: Oy?

CP: sorry I was thinking what would [Daniel?] say.

BB: as soon as we find that Trucker we're on our way.

: Lord! We're coast to coast in this op.

: That's right CP. Just call us nation-wide. The go-anywhere-do-anything team of you call--we maul...er..somethin' like that. Here to handle all your basic bad-guy-fire-breathers and other nefarious creatures of the left wing brigades.

: now BB. Don't go getting cynical on me.

BB: what? Me cynical? Naaaah. Nevuh.

And that classic BB grin creases his face.

: Never a dull moment CP.

: Yeah but Im thinkin' how nice it would be to actually be bored for a change.

BB: Well...that's why we get paid the big bucks.

: Yeah right. No rest for the wicked and the righteous don't need any.

: Haha. Now who's being cynical? Hmmm?

: Oh just hush up ya big dummy.