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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From The Russell Brigade

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Dear Russell Brigade Member:

This morning POLITICO reported something from our campaign's ‘strange but true' file - take a look at the story when you have a minute. Murtha's team prides itself in a hardball brand of old politics, but this incident crossed every reasonable line, even by their standards.

I will be appearing on the Glenn Beck program on FOXNEWS tomorrow evening, check your local listing for airtimes.

It's been an incredible few months since last November's Round One bout with Mr. Murtha, and our campaign hasn't wasted a minute. When I announced on Election Night that our fight against the Murtha Agenda wasn't over, I meant it.

We've recently re-launched the campaign webquarters, RussellBrigade.com with a new feature to help you follow the incredible trials and tales of Mr. Murtha -- we're calling it "Where's Jack Murtha?"

From the ongoing FBI investigation into the growing Murtha earmark scandal to his incredible statements on Guantanamo and torture, the case against his automatic re-election gets stronger every day.

We're working on some major projects right now that we will be announcing to you first! Please be sure to open our update emails so you don't miss a thing.

Thanks for all you're doing for Freedom's Cause. I value your friendship and support.

With gratitude,

Bill Russell

P.S. Our post-election fundraising has been impressively strong, thanks to friends like you. If you're able, please consider making a monthly contribution of just $25 a month, to keep the lights on at headquarters this summer!