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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Build Up to M-Day"- Hate or Love?

This is submitted by a friend that many of you will recognize by the online name of  x_dhimmi deb.

My father served with the Navy and the Army. While in the Army he served as an advisor to the South Korean Army (KMAG). I’ve attached a small photo montage of Dad while he was active in the military.
Following his military service, Dad (and Mom!) raised three daughters and successfully operated their own retail tire business from which they retired in the mid-1990s. Dad and Mom were married for 51 years, until Mom’s death in 2004. My father remains active in his service to God and his family.
Here is a poem my father wrote when he was a young man.

For every man, there is a heart
No matter great or small
It's either filled with hate or love
With hate he's bound to fall.
But with love for God and Christ
And for his fellow man
This is the man that will endure
And shall forever stand.
Hat's power makes darkness come
To think evil all you can
But love's force with make you say
"Like I, he's a man."
No one lives a perfect life
This world is filled with woe
But with the love of God and Christ
The woes are sure to go.
So let us hate the least we can
Don't let darkness be our fate
If our heart is filled with love
There'll be no room for hate.
And when the Judgment Day has come
And Christ shall claim His own
If our hearts are pure in love
Then we'll be gathered home.