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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pelosi: The Jack Booted Nazi Fascist

Cross posted from ANewtOne. HT to Snooper.


Aug. 01, 2008
Earlier today, there was a mini-uprising that we haven't seen the GOP perform in nearly 14 years. Our blog posts on this topic and event can be seen, in order as they were published, here, here, here, and our evening BTR show here. It all started on our afternoon BTR show here and then it went to Media Lizzy's show, our evening show already mentioned, and then went on to Political Vindication and mdconservative and it will end at the JPA Live show. What was the fuss?

Pelosi's failed and the worse ever in recorded history CONgress voted to go on vacation with a vote of 213 to 197 instead of staying and addressing by an overwhelming mandate by the American People the skyrocketing costs of fuel. While they trapse off to vacation land, Americans are paying higher and higher fuel costs at the pump. The record of adjournment is here.

I am not exactly sure just what in the hell Twitter is but Media Lizzy has a link here to follow this story throughout the day. AS an adjunct to that, here is a link from Scott's Morning Brew describing the no comments requested of the Nazi Pelosi.

The Crypt Blog at Politico is the only one that I know of that live-blogged the event. WND was also writing about this and so was the Washington Wire. Our very own Sonlit Knight actually traveled to DC to cover the event but the Capital Police would not allow him to go inside and said that the tourists, wearing Hawaiian shirts and Bermuda shorts going in and out of the building were Congressional Staff members...he smelled and saw the lies. He asked if Nazi Pelosi really had the CP escort people out of the building and they did their best SGT Schultz imitations which equates to a yes.

Links to the Freeper posts are here along with live video feeds which are now in archive. For a list of the Heroes of the Day, it is located here. The democrats could not afford to be forced or inconvenienced to go on the record - a Congressional record - as being against getting the American People cheaper fuel. However, the Congressional ban on offshore drilling expires on the last day of September so they will then be forced to address this issue.

In the mean time, we need to NOT drop this issue and continue to call, write and contact our Congress Critters as they are now home in their respective districts. We CANNOT drop the ball on this. This is too important. What has happened is this: the Democrats have been put on notice and the American people now know which party cares and gives a damn about the American people. It certainly is NOT the Democrats.

There will be more to say, write and read about in the coming days leading up to the elections in November and th democrats have handed the election to the Republicans. I would not be surprised if Nazi Pelosi and her ilk of liars and charlatans fall below the 6% approval rating within a week or so.

In the meanwhile, please get on board with our campaign:

The people of the A Newt One Blog have begun to spearhead a campaign in support of Sen Barack Hussein Obama (sarcasm, naturally).

We are asking one and all to go to your nearest WalMart, KMart, convenience store or auto motive supply store and buy the cheapest air pressure gauge that you can find and send it to Sen Barack Hussein Obama.

TO: Sen Barack Obama - 713 Hart Senate Building - Washington, DC - 20510


Note to readers: Yesterday was a historic day for Republicans which you will not likely hear or read about from the Lame Stream Media, and thanks to a "glitch" with Blogger we were unable to post any news of this until now, the day after it took place.