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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Liberal Attempt to Portray Christians in a Negative Light?

I guess we will have to see how it turns out, but with the names that appear at the bottom, one would have to share the worries of this analyst.

To put a positive "spin" on this though, every time the left attempts to make Christians look bad, we have the opportunity to stand up and show how Christians really should act and that there really is a vast silent majority (getting better) that wants our country's original Christian values back in place in this great country!

Analyst concerned CNN documentary may equate
'Christian Right' with Islamic terrorists

Jim Brown www.onenewsnow.com
July 26, 2007

A media analyst fears an upcoming CNN special will attempt to create a moral equivalency between all religions. Bob Knight says it appears the network is trying to equate Muslim homicide bombers with evangelical Christians.

Starting August 21, CNN plans to air a three-night, six-hour documentary in prime time called God's Warriors. The special, hosted by chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour, will purportedly discuss "the impact of religious fundamentalism as a powerful political force around the world."

CNN says the documentary will feature what it calls "patriot pastors who seek to change American culture through the ballot box," "parents who reject science education in conflict with their religious principles," and Muslim "suicide martyrs who are revered as iconic heroes."

Knight, director of the Media Research Center's. www.cultureandmediainstitute.org/ , Culture and Media Institute, says any series that equates "conscience-based resistance to liberal programs" with Islamic extremists is a blatant attempt to equate Christianity with Islam and to say "a pox on both their houses -- they're all bad."

"It looks very much like what the media had been up to all along, which is to push a secular viewpoint and to tar all religious believers with the same brush," says Knight -- and that includes resorting to "vilifying Christians" using any method they are able, he adds.

"They never seem to get around to explaining that the only reason there's a free press in America is because it was founded by Christians who believed in freedom of conscience," says the CMI director. "They instead paint the picture of all religion threatening fundamental civil liberties."

CNN says its God's Warriors series also includes an interview with former President Jimmy Carter about "the political impact of the Christian Right in the United States." Examples of religious fundamentalists in the CNN documentary include the non-violent Christian youth group "Battle Cry." The CNN special also includes interviews with the late Dr. Jerry Falwell and the founder of the Israeli settlement movement.