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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Shout Out to NJ GOP

I wanted to "tease" you all with an upcoming event here on "Do the Right Thing". My good friend and friend of many of the bloggers I know has given me the special privilege of posting her latest "fictional blog story" right here on my blog.

NJ has humored us with numerous stories in the past and she started a new story in the comments section on my old blog. She has tipped her hand a little on how that story will end, but has sworn me to secrecy until she gets it to me to publish on here.

If I get the time, I will copy the beginning of the story here in the next couple of days so that you will be on the edge of your chair waiting for this ending that I guarantee will make you roll on the floor laughing!!!!

My thanks to NJ for choosing my place to exhibit her creative abilities! She is a wonderful Christian lady and I proud to call her my friend!

Pastor Ed