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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My New Home and Direction

As I have thought and prayed about the direction that God wants me to take as I restart "Do the Right Thing" here at a new location, I thought I would take a look at my very first post from the other site. Below is that post, and I will put in bold and italics the things that have changed or I plan to change from my original thinking back in February.

Blog Introduction
Monday, February 26, 2007 11:49 PM

As I was thinking about how to open this new blog, several things came to mind. I want to make this first post an introduction of who I am and what purpose I want this blog to serve and not serve.I'm a 44 yr. old Minister at a Wesleyan Church in South Central Indiana. I've been married to my spouse for 25 years, we have 3 children ages 24, 22, and 16 and 1 grand child age 14 months with another one due in May.

I am proud to be an Ambassador for the Presidential Prayer Team, which is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that commits to praying for our President, our National Leaders, and our troops.

Most of my life revolves around my Christian faith and activities with those people and groups listed above.And while I'm sure (OK positive) that my Christian values will come out on a regular basis, this blog isn't about bragging about my loved ones (I love doing that), my church activities (I love where God has placed me and what He has me doing) or recruiting people for the PPT (you can contact me my email if you want info on that).This blog is about the name listed at the top of the page - "Do The Right Thing".

There is a tremendous need in our country today to rally the Silent Majority to raise up and take action, before our country goes too far down the path of destruction. You and I can make a difference in this country - 1 person at a time.God Bless You (told you it would come out)!

OK, let's look at those changes/differences:

  • As I said in yesterday's post it was my 26th anniversary (hard to believe someone would put up with me for that many years).
  • My three children are now 24, 23, and 17.
  • I have 2 grandchildren ages 19 months and 9 weeks old.
  • I may talk more about my family in future posts.
  • I may talk more about the things going on at Hope First Wesleyan Church.
  • I will promote The Presidential Prayer Team on this site.

Now some other things that I want to do and some things I want to stay:

  • The theme will remain on doing the right thing.
  • My personal remarks will be in orange and things that I pull from other stories, etc will be black and white.
  • I will continue to attempt to rally the (not as) Silent Majority to rise up and be heard and take action
  • I will continue with my Sunday Sermon Outlines.
  • I will put a link on the site for prayer requests.
  • I will not allow people to spew hatred, nastiness, or rudeness on my site
  • I want everyone to be their selves, but keep in mind that the majority of people who view this blog are Christians. Please be respectful of that fact.
  • I want to have more guest postings than I have in the past.
  • Before I tried to make one post a day. Now I'm not going to hold myself to that. If I need to post 5 times in one day I will, and if I can't/don't post on a day(s) I won't feel like I am going back on what I need to do. I will just try to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit and keep in mind my own personal schedule.
  • Most of all, I want this blog to bring glory to God, and His Son Jesus Christ!

Some of the things I changed my mind about since first starting was that some of the things I said I wouldn't discuss much on my blog are a very big part of who I am. Thus, I either didn't post some things that should have been posted, or broke my own rules.

The other thing is that by the time it became obvious that I HAD to change sites, so that I could moderate, the tone of my blog (at least in the comments) had become so much negative and fighting with people that I couldn't stand it any longer. I am a positive person, and that's what I want my blog to reflect. There will be times when negatives will need to be brought up, but even then I want to do so in a way to bring Glory to God!

Enough rambling for today. I'm excited about the new home, the new attitude and the new possibilities!

God Loves You & so do I!!!!!

Pastor Ed