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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Why I Chose to Move - Live Example

Today is my 26th anniversary so I don't want to take long here because I'm getting ready to take my bride out for the evening.

I wanted my next post to go over what I plan to accomplish on this new and updated site, but I will put that off until tomorrow. However, I wanted to share a real life example of why I insisted on having a site where I could moderate by deleting comments and/or banning IP addresses.

The blogger who has followed (stalked) several of my "Good Guy" friends and myself around the net immediately started with his same rude, nasty, and hateful comments. I deleted the comments and banned his IP.

He will be back as he has access to numerous IP addresses but I will continue to ban (I like the word flush better) him every time he shows up.

He used an new tactic after being banned by creating the email address mtertullian@gmail.com and the user name of Mike Thaying. As everything about this blogger has always proven, the names are just fakes, as Tertullian is a person from early (2nd/3rd century) church history, and Mike Thayer is a "Good Guy" blogger that Raoul can't stand.

Below is his email, unedited in it's entirety.

For you regular bloggers from the "Good Guy" group you've seen this or will not be surprised, but I wanted to show the casual bloggers, what we are up against and why we are committed to spreading the good Word and news as well as exposing the non-truth's that are spread on a daily basis.

God is Good!

Pastor Ed

Your 'exciting' new blog wrote:","On 7/24/07, Mike Thaying

Mike Thaying

In addition to the comments 'I WILL NOT TOLERATE RUDE, NASTY, HATEFUL COMMENTS. Plain and simple - if I don't like your comment - it gets deleted' you ought to have included 'in fact, if any of your comments do not line up EXACTLY with mine 100%' I will delete them and ban you from posting. After all Ed, you are a coward! You cannot take any kind of heat. One wonders what you would have done during the 1st century when my brothers and sisters were being killed for the faith - the real faith that is and not the fake, political one you are part of.

As I've said before, over and over, your religion is as much a joke as you are and the millions of right wing fundies in this country. You have made a joke of the cross and the true meaning of the Way.

And, as I've painfully said quite a few times, every time a soldier dies over there, his/her blood is on YOUR hands for supporting this criminal bastard in the white house. I guess you didn't know that Karl Rove, the real puppetmaster behind bush, is an ATHEIST. He's probably laughing his ass off at all of the clowns like you who mix up patriotism with criminal activities conducted by a government.

As I said before, I have in fact worked in this government. I know, first hand, of things that would make one's skin crawl. But since you and the rest of you blind flock are in denial, I won't waste words.

Even though you won't allow me to post on your blog, BELIEVE me when I say I will monitor everything you and others write and will use it elsewhere against you. And tell your strident girlfriend cassie that I turned over her note to the authorities - the one about 'hanging the senators'. You and your flock are the REAL traitors to this country and not any of us on the Left.
graciously yours,