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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Creation Ministries New Website

Creation Ministries launches new website!

Today at 10:25am

We are very proud to announce that CMI has a new name! Our new domain name is CREATION.com. Not only do we have a better website URL, but we also launched a brand new beautiful design with new features. One of those new features is the ability to share articles from our site on social networking sites like Facebook!

www.CREATION.com also now has search engine friendly urls which helps search engines like google drive more traffic to the site.

With this powerful new website, Creation Ministries International will be able to reach many more thousands of people thus allowing us to further the gospel and stomp out the lie of evolution.

Here is how you can help.
1. Go to your profile and add a note about the site on your status update
2. Share this article with your friends
3. Go to CREATION.com and share an article through your social network
4. Sign up for our RSS feed
5. Bookmark Creation.com and come back regularly to check out new articles daily.

Thanks for your help!