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Sunday, February 15, 2009

From Our Country Deserves Better PAC

We here at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee thank you for your hard work in opposition to the shameful efforts of President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress to grab nearly $1 TRILLION of your money for programs that had little to do with "economic stimulus." Mostly this was a scam to rip off the taxpayers under the guise of “stimulus” sold with the urgency that if this bill wasn’t passed then terrible things would happen to America.

Barack Obama – who campaigned on the hollow promise of “hope” and “change” instead pedaled fear and lies to push his agenda forward.

But while Obama and the Democrats in Congress may have infuriated us with their shenanigans, we should recognize the impact we had in the national debate over Obama’s big government spending plan. The Senate was overwhelmed with hundreds of thousands of phone calls, emails and FAXes in opposition to pork bill – in fact, we jammed up the phone system and voicemail boxes of Senators repeatedly!

The good news is that your phone calls, emails and FAXes pressured Congress to strip almost $200 billion in spending from the bill. You should be proud of your efforts which helped to minimize the confiscatory policies of Obama and the Democratic Congress.

But this experience should also be a lesson for all of us -- until we take back Congress from the Far Left that currently holds control, they will be able to push through their agenda, even when Americans speak out loudly.

The Obama Administration has already threatened additional stimulus proposals to follow – they want more of your money and they are going to take it. It has now been announced that Obama’s scandal-tinged chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, is going to take control of the census. This will enable Obama’s administration to manipulate the results in order to ensure Democratic control over Congress for the next 10 years.

And now Democrats in Congress are talking about implementing the Fairness Doctrine so they can silence many of the conservative voices on talk radio (such as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity) and instead replace them with liberal programs.

So let’s be clear about this – we MUST win back control of Congress and defeat the Obama/Pelosi/Reid Democratic candidates in the upcoming 2010 congressional elections.

The Our Country Deserves Better Committee is already working to build a strong campaign to defeat dozens of these big-spending Democrats.

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