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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Janet Napolitano Is A Liar - Go Figure

Cross posted from The Snooper Report.

The Texas and Arizona borders are in fact War Zones.  There is no denying this now and thank God.  Naturally, the unconstitutional Czarbie Administration is in the river Denial.  Or, they are merely liars, afraid to confront the issue as have so many before him, including Graham, McCain and GWB.  Period.  Ignoring the situation at the Southern Borders in the hopes that it will all blow away is exactly what has poured fuel to the fire already raging.

The violence associated with Mexican drug cartels is now spilling over onto the America side of the border in Arizona and Texas, state officials have admitted.
The New York Times reports that Arizona has seen a dramatic spike in drug-related abductions, home invasions, and even men dressed in SWAT gear wielding military-grade weaponry. [...]
And Napolitano lies.  This is what happens when those that promote and approve of the murder of the unborn thus killing off generations of tax payers and voters.  Because generations of Americans have been slaughtered all in the name of "I can't keep my legs together", the Leftinistra must create a new voter base and they don't care if they build it from illegal alien-invasionistas.  You watch.  There will soon be introduced legislation to fast track citizenship to unknown hordes of crooks, rapists and murderers into the voting pools across this Nation.  All in the name of the bleeding-heart-liberal-commie-pinko-meme, at that.  More emotional crap.
The violence, said Commander Dan Allen of the State Department of Public Safety, is “reaching into Arizona, and that is what is really alarming local and state law enforcement.”
In Texas, state Homeland Security Director Steve McCraw told the El Paso Times that drug violence has indeed crossed the border. [...]
To hell with La Raza and the rest of the Invasionistas that make up the Reconquistas.  If the Fed is too cowardly to step in, We The Militia will.

Violence from Mexican drug cartels has spilled over into Texas, state Homeland Security Director Steve McCraw said Monday.
"Yes, absolutely it has occurred; there's no question about it," McCraw said after a hearing before the House Committee on Border and International Affairs.
McCraw answered lawmakers' questions about Gov. Rick Perry's request for another $135 million for border security operations on the same day Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott asked lawmakers for a new tool to help bring down transnational gangs that threaten border communities. [...]
I wonder where these idiots have been?  I used to patrol the Southern Borders a while back as Border Boy and we raised a stink about why we were not getting any help.  Help didn't come so we took care of business ourselves.  This needs to be escalated, evidently.  When the Fed will not act according to their Constitutional Obligations, the only alternatives is to allow the screed from the invasionistas to move on unchecked or protect the Nation on our own dime.
[...] This admission comes after news that Texas activated the lowest stage of its border security plan after protests and violence broke out in Mexican border towns last week and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, the former governor of Arizona, told reporters last Thursday that drug-related violence has not crossed the Mexican-American border. [...]
Simply amazing.  Thanks DC for a whole bunch of nothing: SOP for you.

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