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Friday, February 20, 2009

State's Sovereignty or Live Free Or Die

Cross posted from Snooper's Take Our Country Back-Journal.

Foreword: The feds have overstepped their authority thanks to Obama and the rest of the socialist goons in DC. Individual states are NOT going to roll over and play patty-cake with the government.
While most of these resolutions are merely opening rhetoric, they lay the ground work for continuation. Most of these states are fully prepared for the complete follow through and I say it's about time!
You can call, write, email or FAX your state representatives in support of these initiatives. This is the only peaceful way I know of to put a stop to the out of control federal government and the planned socialist take over of America. When the feds start losing tax revenue they will listen.
Make your voices heard!

By Snooper, February 20, 2009

In the Archives tab, there is a Category labeled "Live Free or Die".  Henceforth, each and every post, article or piece we publish here at The Snooper Report in regards to the amassing number of States in the USA asserting their Freedom from the tyrannical auspices the Federal Government has become will be found in that Category.

Currently, there are five articles therein and when this one is published, there will be six. As I run across other posts that have the same sentiment, I will include them as I go.

I learned a few hours ago that the Republic of Texas has lept into the fray.  HALLELUJAH!  I am a Texican and a member of the Republic of Texas.  We have been working on this for almost forever and it is finally coming around the bend.  The next step is Secession but we may not have to go that far. Not if this initiative is carried through all the way. Anything shy of full State Sovereignty is unacceptable.

As a fellow member at the American Daily Review stated:

This week my home state of Texas joined the anti-socialist movement that is sweeping the nation by telling the Federal government to take a hike.

Joining with the other sovereign state legislation, Texas Representative Brandon Creighton filed a concurrent resolution which states the following:
I have the links listed in the references section so feel free to visit each page.
Currently, there are 19 States telling the Czar to kiss our behinds.
Arizona: (02/10/09)
Colorado: (12/16/08)
Georgia: (02/18/09)
Massachusetts: (02/06/09)
Michigan: (02/04/09)
Mississippi: (02/13/09)
Missouri: (02/04/09)
Montana: (02/04/09)
New Hampshire(02/17/09)
North Dakota: (01/22/09)
Ohio: (02/07/09)
Oklahoma: (02/18/09)
Pennsylvania: (02/13/09)
South Carolina: (02/17/09)
Tennessee: (02/19/09)
Texas: (02/18/09)
Utah: (02/11/09)
Virginia: (02/13/09)
Washington: (02/04/09)
UPDATE!  Minnesota has chimed in.  This makes 20 States now.
H.F. 997: Minnesota Joins State Sovereignty Movement!
Posted by North Star Liberty on 02/19/09 12:55 PM

This bill was introduced this morning into the MN House of Representatives. It is currently supported by 16 State Representatives. As with other states attempting to reassert the power of the 10th Amendment, it seeks to affirm our long diminished state sovereignty against the overwhelming mandates of the Federal government.

I hope we Minnesotan liberty lovers can get behind this!
( LINK )
Here we go folks!  It's about damn time, too.