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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Obama Administration....

...stated, by Obama-the-bridge, to be the most ethical and transparent administration in decades? Didn't we also hear that from Speaker of the House Pelosi a few years ago?
Try the most corrupt and deceitful administration in decades. Geitner, Daschle tax evaders. Hillary the unconstitutional appointment to Sec.of State and the living breathing gaffe master himself...Obiden...er..Biden who claims it is patriotic to pay taxes. Oh and we must not forget SOH Pelosi with the "Big Plane" and her little Hitler complex or Hairy Weed who claims paying taxes is "voluntary". Surely you jest Hairy.... Need I go on?
Perhaps Barak will grant a Presidential pardon to the long deceased Cappo, Al Capone, who was also convicted on tax evasion charges and a Chicago resident....you know...to...um..clear his good name.

Now we have liberals screaming about the horror of water boarding... "Oh please Mr. Obama, we must end this terrible torture at GITMO. Please sir, turn those murdering thugs loose so we can all feel better about ourselves and the world will like us once again....."

Do you "feel" better now?

The new administration insists that killing or maiming terrorists in residential air strikes is entirely acceptable, while water boarding is completely "inhumane." 

Would your most ethical, transparent administration care to elaborate Mr. Obama?