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Friday, November 14, 2008

Adopt-A-Military Family for Thanksgiving Update

Time is drawing near on our Adopt-A Military Family for Thanksgiving Project (details and the original post are at the bottom). If you are going to participate, you need to get your family picked out and notified ASAP. The family needs to know so that they are not buying or worrying how they will buy the "fixin's" for Thanksgiving.

With that in mind, I got the following email early this morning:

"I was just reading adopt a military family. My husband is in the marine corp and I was wondering how I would be able to get my family adopted. Do we have to live in a certain area or do we have to be already picked. I am really interested in the program can you please email me back with some information. Thank you for your time (name withheld).

I certainly emailed this lady back and we will find someone to adopt this family when I get more details from her.

I know there are literally thousands out there in the same position, but most won't ask and that is where you come in.


Help us Do The Right Thing by:

  • Praying about this project
  • Participating in this project
  • Posting the information on your blogs
  • Sending the information to those on your email list.

You can contact me at hopecyberpastor@gmail.com if you have questions.

Pastor Ed Boston aka Cyber Pastor

Friday, October 24, 2008

Do The Right Thing Announces: "Adopt - A - Military Family" for Thanksgiving Project

Last night on Do The Right Thing Radio during our Thursday Support our Troops program, I announced that we were going to encourage our listeners, friends, readers, and supporters to "Adopt - A - Military Family" for Thanksgiving this year.

Our goal is to provide 100 active duty military families with a complete Thanksgiving dinner, and hopefully this will also lead to a similar program for the Christmas season.

Here is how we would like to encourage you to participate:

Commit to participate by replying in the comment section here at Do The Right Thing, or by emailing hopecyberpastor@gmail.com .

Choose a family that you would like to support. If you don't already know one, Rev Don suggested going to the local recruiting center, military base, or veterans centers.

Inform both the family that you have chosen to adopt of your intentions, and inform us of the last name of the family you will be supporting. (This isn't for anything other than to help you be accountable to your commitment).

Purchase everything "your family" will need for Thanksgiving Dinner and deliver the food to them yourself if at all possible. (You will be blessed beyond belief when you see the smile on the faces of those you are helping).

Some suggestions:

Don't just buy a gift certificate or gift card. By you purchasing the needed items, you will be removing a task that your family will not have to do themselves. We want to help them as many ways as possible.

Use this opportunity to get to know your family and they will know for the future that there is someone in their local community who they can turn to who they will know that loves to Support our Troops.

Pass this along to friends and relatives - our goal is 100 families, but who knows God may decide on 1,000 families or even more.

Pray about the program - not where it's coming from, but the effect it will have on our troops and their families.

Post this on your blogs and other places on the web.

We will be posting those participating and their adopted family last names here at Do The Right Thing.

God Bless you!

Pastor Ed Boston aka Cyber Pastor