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Sunday, November 9, 2008

So, You Finally Did It.....

How nice for the leftists in this country and around the world to realize their dream of putting a Marxist in position to assume the duties of Commander in Chief of the USA. You finally did it after struggling for decades, pushing your unholy agenda, teaching your lies to the gullible and ignorant, revising history to support your claims and turning our children into good little communists.

You have removed God from our schools and government, you have rendered the Pledge of Allegiance unworthy of repetition, and turned the flag into something to be despised along with the people who love that flag and all it once represented.

Pardon me if I don't feel compelled to say congratulations to you or wish you well.

In reality you have to ask yourself what it is you have really won. What price did you pay? What price will we all pay?
When the bill comes due will you think it too costly?

Despite numerous warnings from many venues including thousands of bloggers who have tirelessly researched and reported on president elect obama's background, you have managed to pull off a coup of sorts.

The fact that your man got there through an intense propaganda machine some of us refer to as the lame stream media, voter intimidation, and Chicago politics doesn't concern you. All that matters is that you won. The end justifies the means according to you.

There is enough blame to go around for millions in this country.The millions who aided, abetted, fabricated lies and smears of the worst kind, villifying Republicans and conservatives for decades. You did well indoctrinating enough voters to pull the lever for your Marxist leaders.

Conservatives have become hated by many thanks to your tireless efforts in spreading your damnable lies. The problem with conservatives is that they don't fight back with the same vile tactics and are therefore perceived as weak or irrelevant.

We even have dissent in our own ranks as to how we should proceed from here. Many fear being labelled un-Christian or any number of other labels you marxist project on them if they stand up to you and fight back.

One of your kind even felt the need to send several of us a letter gloating with veiled threats and not so veiled threats. "We will be watching you. We will be monitoring your blogs and reporting them to the proper authorities." Notice the "we". The army of socialist bots is it?

Did you really think this would stop us reporting the truth about your kind? You have done nothing more than awakened a fierce resolve in us to see you vanquished forever. While some may fear reprisals, most of us laugh at you and condemn you.

We know you for what you really are.But I won't denigrate into calling you vile names like you have us on innumerable occassions.

The old saying "tell a lie often enough, to enough people and it will eventually be accepted as truth by them." That's the way you succeed. Lies, intimidation, reeducation, etc., ad nauseum. Karl Marx would be proud.

Just so you know. We will be watching you as well. There will come a day in this country when people like you have been exposed and retaliation for what you have done will be severe. Veiled threat? Nothing of the kind. That is a fact.

For several days now I've been reading articles from others expressing anger, depression, anxiety and even some who will either give in to your unholy agenda or join your ranks for their own elusive safety. It happens, history repeats itself. We are all human...even you.

I'm not going to attempt to be civil or kind to you. You are my enemy by your words and deeds and as such you will be treated as one. Your lies, your intolerance, and your vile hatred will not go unanswered. It may not be me who confronts you. It may be my children or their children but your day of reckoning approaches.

Millions of conservatives in this country and around the world prayed to defeat you. Asking God for His will to be done. You took this "win" as your answer and justification. You feel you have been vindicated. But I tell you this. God will not be mocked. He has allowed you a time to rule.

I will not be so arrogant to say to you that His judgement is coming. Nor will I say that those millions who prayed for your defeat have been rejected by God. His answer to our prayers will come in His own time at His will.

You can arrogantly state that He is on your side but I say this. God is no respecter of man. He has a plan from the beginning of time that will be fulfilled according to His "agenda", not yours, not mine.

His answer will be forthcoming, and many of you aren't going to like it.

As a Christian I fear the wrath of God that will be put upon this nation. A nation who has time and again rejected Him, all in the name of an unholy liberal agenda.

You arrogantly believe that redistribution of wealth is something new to be tried. In reality it has been tried and tried again under the rule of other despots and ungodly governments throughout history. You arrogantly believe that you have all the answers and that the mistakes made by them won't be made by you. Laughable really, in your utter insanity.

Albert Einstein once stated, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results."

And on the utilitarian side Margaret Thatcher stated; "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money."

How are you going to continue to pay for your irresponsible agenda? By taxing people into oblivion? We fought a war in this country that had it's roots of dissent in illegal and outrageous taxation.

Impose your will on the people and you will awake a sleeping giant who will defeat you utterly.

The fact that since your vaunted Roe vs Wade has murdered nearly 50 million of our unborn citizens since it became law. Citizens who had a right to live and pursue freedom and liberty. Citizens who may have discovered the cure for cancer or aids or any of a hundred other diseases. Citizens who in God's eyes had every right to breath the air of the free born just as you and I have.

Since the beginning of the Iraq war, your abortion policies have murdered over 7 million of our children yet you scream about the 4,000 plus soldiers killed or the thousands of Iraqis who have died in their struggle for freedom. These deaths pale by comparison to the murder of our innocent unborn.

All human death is horrible, but murdering innocent unborn children is especially heinous.

The lists of your egregious acts and ungodly agenda will be written in your Book of Life. Your iniquities have been bound in heaven awaiting the day you stand before the Father to answer for them. The only saving grace you will have is to repent and through the shed blood of Jesus Christ can you have any hope of eternal life in His kingdom.

We all share in this to varying degrees either through direct action or inaction.

The Ten Commandments states "Thou Shalt Not Kill." We can argue the semantics but the true interpretation of that is "Thou shalt not murder."

There is a distinct difference between killing and murder. Know what it is? No? Perhaps you should find out.

You have told so many lies that you believe them. As vane and vile as you are, you may even believe this op-ed is about you. If the shoe fits wear it.

Believe what you will, I couldn't care less what you think.

I will end this for now. Not much more needs to be said. We know who you are and what you do.

You are my enemy and I will not bow down or grovel at your feet.
You can try to silence me or put me in jail, you can torture or persecute me, you can even take my life, but you will never take my soul.

Know this. God will reign over the wicked and evil will be vanquished forever at His bidding....not yours.

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