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Monday, November 10, 2008

Zero Tolerance

The following is posted in the comments section, but need to have it's own post so everyone can read it. I know that Dean understands what I did, but to clarify why I deleted his comment, Dean's reply would not have made sense without leaving the first comment, and that just "ain't happening" no more!


Not to seem confrontational ........ (That was the beginning of the original post - CP)

This start to a post should be enough. I am not banning you, and I've deleted Dean's response to what was in this comment and I've deleted your reply to his reply.

Here's the deal to everyone: There is a zero tolerance policy in effect for those who disagree with us here on this site.

Call it and or me what you want - but trying to debate with those who disagree with our positions ended last Tuesday.

Cyber Pastor