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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honor our Vets, Send a Package to the Troops

Dear Fellow Patriots,

Happy Veteran’s day, and to all those who have served, thank you. Your contribution and sacrifice to our nation can never be measured, nor repaid.

Through the centuries since our country began, it has always been on those willing to fight and die to secure and protect our freedoms that have made America strong. We relied on you when our country needed you most, and time after time in countless wars and conflicts, our military has always come through.

Bravely and courageously you defended our flag, you defended our freedoms and liberties, you defended our people when they were threatened not just by enemies abroad, but from enemies within as well. What’s more, you came to the defense of our allies when they needed us. You have liberated millions of people all across the world when they were oppressed.

You met the threat of Empires, Nazism, Communism, Radical Isamic terrorists, and time after time you have prevailed without fail. You did this in our name, on behalf of your nation, and you ask nothing in return.

We can only offer our eternal thanks and gratitude to those who have been willing to take up arms and risk life and limb in defense of America.

And what better time than today to think about our veterans of tomorrow? I’m talking about those brave young men and women currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have fought so bravely and courageously to protect us from terrorist organizations who want to destroy America and the western way of life, while also fighting to retain religious, economic, political, and human rights for Iraqis and Afghans.

We can show our thanks to these brave patriots by sending them a small token of our appreciation, a little bit of comfort from home to make their thanksgiving a little easier. The holidays are a tough time for our soldiers in harm’s way. They will be missing their families on Turkey Day, but we can do OUR BEST to show them that we care, and that we are still back home supporting them and their fight!

As you and I plan our Thanksgiving feasts with our families, American troops are thousands of miles away from their loved ones fighting for our country. Our Troops don’t ask for anything, but they appreciate everything we send to them.

“We have been receiving your boxes . . . that are truly a blessing to everyone here,” wrote MSG Donika Nealy. “To know that someone is thinking of us is such a great feeling inside.”

This year, Move America Forward (http://www.moveamericaforward.org), with your help, will send care packages to our troops with special Thanksgiving goodies inside. You may sponsor these packages and write a personal note to the troops, who have left their homes to secure America’s freedom and protect us from enemies who want to change our way of life.

During these tough economic times, families of troops are struggling to get by. I fear that they will have fewer resources to send packages to their loved ones in war zones. This is why it is so important for you and other patriotic Americans to send what we can to our troops. We must never let them forget that we are not only thankful for our families here at home, we are thankful for their selfless sacrifices for our great country.

Please click here to sponsor a care package for our troops. Your contribution is tax deductible.

Now is the time to act so we can get packages to our troops for Thanksgiving. Together, we have sent 110 tons of care packages to our troops stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world.

Thank you for loving our troops and showing them that we are indeed a grateful nation.

With respect and gratitude,

Catherine Moy Executive director,

Move America Forward