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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Capt Rob Updates

Latest from Capt Rob Yllescas family blog.

Bili going down, down, down!!
Posted: 23 Nov 2008 09:44 PM CST

Today there is not alot to report. So, let me give you some updates on his labs. The GREAT news is his bili is now 8.9!! :) A little less than 2 weeks ago it was as high as 32! So, his liver is doing what it needs to do. YEAH PRAYERS!!! His other labs are holding steady. His white blood cell count did go up slightly to 20. The nurse said this is to be expected with his fungal infection and the surgeries he has. He feels that the antibiotics he's on will work but it will take awhile. So let's keep praying that the antibiotics will zap the infections!!!! Rob's been holding steady too. He's been able to tell me the last 2 nights with a blink of his eyes that he is pain so I've been able to notify the nurse so they can increase his pain meds. I'm so glad he can do this now so we aren't just guessing. Hopefully tomorrow's surgery will go smoothly and they are able to get done what they want to do. So, that's another thing to put on the prayer list! Rob's nurses have been doing range of motions on him, which DOES NOT make him happy. But, unfortunately, he's going to have to go through some pain now so that in the long run, he doesn't have any problems. I'm super excited because Tuesday the girls are coming. It will have been almost 4 weeks since I last saw them!!! Unfortunately the time will go by WAY TOO FAST, but they will be back over Christmas break. It's been so hard being away from them. I wish I could forsee a time when they will be with us for good, but unfortunately, I have no idea when that will be. There's just no way I can have them here now. I know that where they are at is the best place for them. They have adjusted really well and are doing great. Barb and my mom have been wonderful for me. Like the great moms they are, they are making sure I'm eating and sleeping. Although at times, I have to admit it's a tough decision which I'd rather do more: eat or sleep!!! I've noticed I've been really tired lately. But, I'm taking advantage of them being here to keep Rob company now because it won't be long when it will just be Rob and I and I will have to make sure I'm well rested!!! I will let you know how the surgery goes tomorrow. He's supposed to be the first case and I'm not sure how long the surgery will take. Thanks again for all the thousands of prayers. We need them!!

Cooling blanket back on... :(
Posted: 22 Nov 2008 08:35 PM CST

Just wanted to give an update. Tonight while I was with Rob, his temp went up to 101 so they had to put the cooling blanket back on. I felt so bad for him because it's such a pain (literally) to get it on. They have to roll him back and forth and I know it hurt him. The nurse was very kind though and gave him a big shot of pain medicine before.

Cooling blanket off!
Posted: 22 Nov 2008 08:52 PM CST

Well, one of the good things that happened today is that Rob was able to get his cooling blanket off. His temps have remained stable the past couple of days. It was a vest that was worn around his back and stomach that's he's had since he got here almost 3 weeks ago!! I'm sure it feels great to him without it on. The bad news is he has a fungal infection in his blood. This infection can be EXTREMELY bad. However, since his kidney funtions are back to normal, they are able to give him a really potent dose of antibiotics to help get it cleared up. So, we need LOTS of prayers for this. His white blood cell count is elevated but the doctor thinks it could be from the surgeries since his temps have been ok. It's hard to tell with all the surgeries he's having. So, hopefully these surgeries will end soon!! Rob's been pretty grumpy today. He absolutely hates having other people caring for him. He's always been the type of person who's been extremely self sufficient. I just keep telling him this is only temporary and he'll be able to do his own things soon. I think the most frustrating part of his recovery will be how slow of a process it will be. But, I explained to him that in the whole aspect of our life, this is only a nano-second. It was cute because today the moms made me leave his room to get lunch. Rob, saw me outside his room talking to the nurse before I left and he was NOT HAPPY that I was leaving. The nurse said "Look. He's even pouting his lips!" So, I reassured Rob that as soon as I finished eating, I'd be RIGHT BACK! :) I have to say, it made me feel pretty good. Anyways, Monday is another surgery for his skin grafts. Let's also pray that this goes well and they can get it all done Monday.