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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Latest From Grace Orphanage in India

My Dear Pastor Ed.

Holy greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus our loving Saviour. Trust and pray that God keeps you healthy and happy especially in the Lord. We are also finding ourselves in good and sound health by the grace of our Lord.

Our Church members, our orphan children, the widows and the old aged people are doing well by your regular prayers. They also remember you in their daily prayers for your well being. Thank you for your prayers. We are sincerely praying for your ministry. May God bring you added success as you involve more in your ministry and fulfill his promises in your life and in your ministry.

I need your moral support all through, it is only the prayers that are keeping you and we bound together and seriously involved in the ministry. Without you we are nothing here and our service and ministry is nothing. The Lord in his graciousness has given me an opportunity to serve the people both needy and poor. This is my humble prayer request.

Looking forward for your blessings of reply, so that I will be inspired and be blessed.

Your Brother in Christ

Emmanuel Nethala