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Monday, April 27, 2009

Is The Honeymoon Over?

H/T to Trevor.

Note: This is the Fox Network and NOT Fox News!

Fox rejects Obama's request for airtime

Is the honeymoon over?

For the first time since Barack Obama took office, a major broadcast network is refusing to grant the president's request for primetime coverage.

Fox has issued a statement saying it will air regular programming (detective drama Lie to Me) Wednesday night instead of Obama's 100-day news conference.

"The Fox Broadcasting Company will not air the Presidential News Conference," Fox said in a statement. "Fox's sister networks, Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network, will air the press conference in its entirety. Fox will be alerting viewers with an onscreen graphic at the top of the 8:00 PM (ET) hour that the press conference is available on Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Network."

ABC, CBS and NBC have issued statements saying they will carry the president's telecast.

Though some will assume a political motivation to Fox's decision, the network has plenty of bottom-line reasons for refusing Obama's request.