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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reaching Out To The Enemy and Throwing Our Country Under The Bus

OP:ED from Pastor Ed Boston

Someone needs to let the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave know whose side the Commander-in-Chief belongs on. While reaching out to the dictators and scum leaders of the world, this administration is throwing our country and proud Americans under the bus.

In an article from the AP found at Yahoo News, we read the following:

Obama said he was ready to accept Cuban President Raul Castro's proposal of talks on issues once off-limits for Cuba,....

Later, during a group photo, Obama reached behind several leaders at the summit to shake Chavez' hand for the third time. Obama summoned a translator and the two smiled and spoke briefly......

Obama also extended a hand to Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, whom President Ronald Reagan spent years trying to drive from power. Ortega was ousted in 1990 elections that ended Nicaragua's civil war, but was returned to power by voters in 2006.....

We also know that BHO has reached out to Iranian mad man President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

Iran said on Wednesday it would welcome President Barack Obama's offer of a change in U.S. policy provided it involved a withdrawal of U.S. troops from abroad and an apology for past "crimes" against Tehran.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was speaking after Obama offered to extend a hand of peace if Iran "unclenched its fist."

If those items aren't enough to swallow, we can't forget that the current administration is labeling patriotic red-blooded Americans as Domestic Terrorists.

We now hear from former heads of the CIA that throwing the previous administration under the bus has put our nation at further risk from "REAL TERRORISTS".

In releasing the documents, the most comprehensive accounting yet of interrogation methods that were among the Bush administrations most closely guarded secrets, Obama said he wanted to move beyond "a dark and painful chapter in our history."

Past and present CIA officials had unsuccessfully pressed for more parts of the four legal memos to be kept secret, and some critics argued the release would make the United States less safe.

Michael Hayden, who led the CIA under George W. Bush, said CIA officers will now be more timid and allies will be more reluctant to share sensitive intelligence.

It is more than obvious that BHO is making friends with the worlds undesirables who hate America while alienating those of us who love the greatest nation in the world.