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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sacramento Tea Party in pictures

A beautiful California day in the States capitol. Patriots from all over California gathered to voice their opposition to our out of control Federal government. People from as far away as New York, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada attended throughout the day.

Total estimated in Sacramento was 10,000 but it wasn't the largest. I can tell you that one hour prior to the scheduled start of the event in Sacramento, there were over 3,000. Estimates vary but attendee's are thought to have passed the 1 million mark across all 50 states.
California alone had over 65 Tea Parties.

Despite efforts by the Lame Stream Media and the left to disparage and ridicule the Tea Parties, they were a resounding successes. They can deny and slander us but a very loud message was delivered to Washington, DC.
Oh and it wasn't just a Republican thing in case you were wondering. There were many from several other political persuasions in attendance, including Democrats.

This is only the beginning.


Of course the police were just overwhelmed arresting and detaining all those pesky right wing extremists. We really kept them busy as you can see.
Officer Keller preparing to arrest the young right wing extremists behind him.

I think he had to work at keeping the police dog awake. She seemed relaxed, even though surrounded by all those rowdy radicals.

The area around and behind officer Keller was completely filled an hour later with more of those outrageously rich right wingers.

My thanks to Officer Keller for allowing me take his picture and that of his beautiful dog.

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