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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Latest from Cyber Crew Member Garry

Submitted by Garry:

One Party Rule - Worked For King George!

In the days of yore when the RepubliCrats were in the majority, the byword of the day was bi-partisanship. An all inclusive government, brininging the best ideas of both parties to the table to discuss so the RepubliCrats could feel good about themselves knowing they had given in to the DemocraSocialists and in the process learned how to write Earmks as well as the Socialists, Liberal Scum, Donkey Dungers, DemocraSocialists.These days a much better plan for the DemocraSocialists has been provided by SINator Dingey Hairy Reid and Red Nanny PeeLousy.

The Era of MonoParty Theatricaly Yammering (EMPTY) politics is being foisted on the American brain dead electorate who chose The Spongebama after realizing John McShamnesty was just DemocraSocialist Lite and not overly hip, photogenic and had a lousy speechifying voice. (my seven year old grandson sounds more manly than Johhny Arizona does).

Dingey Reid has every intention it seems of passing both a Nationalized Health Care (Euro-Centric lack of health care plan) and an energy plan with no input from or interference from the SINate RepubliCrats.
One party rule is here and here to stay if the DemocraSocialists (DS's) have their way.

We could of course applaud the DS's willingness to take on the burden of failure and the responsibility for that failure, but that would ultimately be counter productive. The DS's would blame the RepubliCrats for the failures, the RepubliCrats would fight back like limp wristed under weight sumo wrestlers and accept the blame and we're back to square one ( or further.)

Dingey Harry with his insistence on creating an even larger entitlement program to keep the masses of unemployed, under employed and Illegal Invaders of thee country in the DemocraSocialist ranks is willing to take the nation down a path to oblivion for the purpose of Partisan Rule in Perpetuity.

To hell with the Nation, the EuroDemocraSocialists are determined to maintain what they appear to see as their birthright, which is to rule from the Halls of the New American Aristocracy without the need to deal with the RepubliCrat Proletariat and their crazy ideas of personal freedom, personal responsibility, free market capitalism and the ability for each and every American to be the best they can be without interference from government regulation, interference and hyper-taxation.

Health Care, Cap & Trade Non-Energy Policy, The (freedom (from) Fairness Doctrine (otherwise known as the Slow Down, I Can't Keep Up Act) and I'm sure a whole raft of "New Ideas For a New Beginning" (of the end) programs to equalize (clear) the playing field for under achievers are what's in store for the Uniited States if this train wreck is allowed to proceed unhindered.