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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let CNN Hear How You Feel

By now you've probably heard of the shameful actions by Susan Roesgen, the CNN reporter who harrassed attendees at yesterday's Chicago Tea Party. Instead of reporting on the Tea Party, Roesgen picked people out of the crowd to confront and argue with, before signing off her report by labeling the tea party movement as "anti-CNN" and "not family viewing."

Many of you have wondered what you can do to register your outrage, and we here at the Our Country Deserves Better Committee are happy to help.

You can write to Ms. Susan Roesgen and express how you feel via her email address here: susan.roesgen@turner.com

And most importantly, let Susan's boss know how unacceptable it is for a journalist to become a left-wing activist in trying to defame and denounce a legitimate and honest political movement by Americans who are being robbed blind by our government and spent into a debt from which will be unimaginably difficult to ever pay off.

So please also write to Philip Kent, the Chairman & CEO of CNN: phil.kent@turner.com

If you missed it you can see the incident that played out on CNN below:

Please note at an anti-Bush rally following Hurricane Katrina, Roesgen gleefully reported that a costumed protestor mocking Bush as Hitler was a "Bush look alike" and yet yesterday sought to engage in a verbal sparring match with a protestor who declared Obama's recent actions have been fascist -- in ways similar to Hitler.

You don't have to agree with that protestor's view to see that Susan Roesgen's bias is so blatant it makes a mockery of CNN's motto: "The Most Trusted Name in News."

See the Susan Roesgen hypocrisy: VIEW IT HERE.



IMPORTANT UPDATE - 8:23 PM Eastern: CNN has just shut down Susan Roesgen's email. Instead please email CNN Executive Vice President Ken Jautz at: ken.jautz@cnn.com and CNN Chairman & CEO, Phil Kent at: phil.kent@turner.com