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Monday, April 6, 2009

Parents of Lt Michael Behenna on DTRT Radio: Monday at 11 pm Eastern

Do The Right Thing Radio is proud to announce that we will have the parents of Lt Michael Behenna as our guests on Monday night's show.

Click this link to read the amazing story of how Lt Behenna was convicted of and sentenced to 25 years for the murder of an Al Qaeda terrorist.

You can also go to the Defend Michael website here.

Also on the show will be our son Brock, who met Lt Behenna on a flight into Kansas City and was the one who brought our attention to the travesty of justice that has been done to this American hero.

Let me make some suggestions:

  1. Please pray for Lt Behenna and his family. Also pray that justice will be served.
  2. Go to the Defend Michael site and consider making a donation to his defense fund.
  3. Forward this information to all of your friends and family who would be concerned about how a 25-year-old soldier is sitting in Leavenworth for the "murder" of an Al Qaeda terrorist.
  4. Listen to the show Monday night to show your support to the Behenna family.