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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Of God And Country

Cross posted from ANewtOne. Special thanks to Joshua P. Allem.

I want to thank Sonlit Knight, Snooper and Jimmy Z for the honor and privilege of posting here at A Newt One. This is indeed "The Truth Surge" of the World Wide Web.

It was during our JPA Live Independence Day Show that we read a post from Tom DeLay called "America Is Not An Accident" and topped it off with Snooper's post, "From Cassandra To Jesus Christ".

Through the disease of political correctness, liberalism has tried to control the release of truth into the public sphere. While we continue to fight the war on truth and PC, you might be surprised to learn just how much ground the liberals have already taken. It wasn't until I read Tom Delay's post that I really understood just how much ground we've lost.

For more than two centuries, the inhabitants of this nation, it's teachers, it's politicians, it's warriors, it's explorers and it's heroes all knew of a Providential God who founded, oversaw and protected this land. But thanks to political correctness, acknowledging this today is a difficult thing to do. Even among conservatives, we have to consider the feelings of those who may or may not understand. We can't ask for God's help without first apologizing to all those who might be offended.

As I read Delay's post as he quoted George Washington, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan, I couldn't help but notice how when these men spoke of God and Country, they never apologized for their knowledge of our creator, nor did they try to soften the blow with a "I'm not trying to shove God down your throat" speech. I've never wanted to shove God down anyone's throat. What people believe is their own business.

But constantly apologizing to people before we speak of God is as absurd as apologizing to vegetarians every time we begin to eat meat. This is especially true when we consider the times we live in.

Our Constitution has been overruled, our Republic is hurting, our culture is disappearing and our land needs healing. But with this clip comes the antidote for all our problems.
Listen carefully. Originally recorded on July 3, 2008.