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Thursday, July 31, 2008

LTC William Russell for Congress

Here is how you can get murtha out of Congress. Vote, if you can, and support any way you can the candidacy of LTC Russell, a real American Patriot. Snooper and I had lunch with LTC Russell in DC at the last Vets for Freedom gathering. With just the three of us at the table, Snooper and I could both tell that we were sitting with the "real deal"!!!


This info is from his official Facebook page:

Lt. Colonel Bill Russell is running for Congress to rally support for America’s fighting men and women, while offering a pro-family, smaller government voice for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. More than defeating John Murtha, Bill’s campaign is a call to patriotism and conservative action.

Military Heritage

The son of a career military officer, Bill Russell’s “home” addresses spanned some eleven states and seven countries, before settling his own family in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. A third generation soldier, he began his military career at West Point, and earned his undergraduate degree and officer commission at Louisiana State University.Lieutenant Colonel Russell served in the U.S. Army for 28 years of Active and Reserve service, including six tours in hostile fire zones. His deployments include Operation Desert Storm, Kosovo and most recently Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Surviving 9-11

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Bill and his wife Kasia, pregnant with their second child, were at work at The Pentagon during the terrorist attack. After confirming Kasia’s safety, he joined hundreds of survivors in an unprecedented rescue and recovery operation. Their son was born three months after the attack, becoming the youngest Pentagon survivor of 9-11.

Running for Congress

Although Bill’s commitment as an officer in the Army Reserve prohibits campaign activities while on active duty, the grassroots “Russell Brigade” has rallied to the cause. From making tens of thousands of phone calls to secure his position on the November ballot, to raising hundreds of thousands dollars in small contributions, the campaign has moved far beyond any single candidate, to become a national movement for change in the 12th Congressional District.

Contact Info:

Office: United States Congress - Pennsylvania
12th Congressional District
Location: P.O. Box 630, Johnstown, PA