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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Ever Expanding, Bloviating AlGore

By boaz, 07/17/08

Physics be damned. Al Gore wants all energy from renewables in ten years. Today I heard that moron speaking on the radio about how much energy can be gotten from the sun. He stated "enough energy falls on the earth every forty minutes to supply the whole planets electricity for a full year"
Moron One suggested taking some of that energy and using it would save mankind from a fate worse than losing the Presidency or being eaten by very small rodents, or eating small rodents.

Problem: The earth happens to need the energy, which falls on it. One of the reasons we tap into stored energy (oil, coal, nuclear, hydro, candle tables, the residue left over from Al Gores last liposuction) is the lack of effect it has on the energy balance of the planet as a whole.

Certainly we could tap into the solar energy splaying itself over the oceans of the world where the population pressures are non-existent, but has any of the knuckleheads who continue to tout the advantages of solar power considered what might happen to the weather if we disrupt the solar infusion of warmth to the oceans? Nope.

So then we move the solar panels to the land masses, still plenty of land mass unused, except for the places where humans tend to congregate is where the weather tends to be at least moderately pleasant - and sunny more often than cloudy, and warm more often than abominably cold.

So then we have people living where they do, and needing electrical power, OK we move the solar farms away from the people and make power. Then the power has to be routed to the electrical grid and sent to where the people are, except power can only be sent just about so far and then the line loss is more than the amount we can push through the lines. Damn, there go those pesky old laws of physics again.

Ever wonder why all of the coal fired, natural gas and nuke powered electric plants are so close to the areas that need the power? The laws of physics control that issue. Legislate all you want too and the laws of physics just sit there laughing at the morons trying to pass laws in contravention of the laws of physics.

But I have digressed somewhat, back to the Moron Majority Leader Al Gore, Solar energy is needed for plants and critters to survive, is PETA and the Sierra Club going to allow humans to rob nature of the available solar power for out own benefit/ Or will they just tie it up in court the way they do the nuke plants, new refineries and new coal fire power plants?

And as far as wind power goes, the Moron Majority Leader suggest there is enough wind flowing through the Midwest Corridor everyday to meet 100% of the electrical needs of the good old US of A, except then what happens to the Spotted Owls, Peregrine Falcons, Bald Eagles, California Condors and maybe a duck or two who get confused and fly into the windmills? PETA and the Sierra Club again - see above.

Then there is geothermal power, not content to drain the oil out of the earth and let the bearings freeze up from lack of lubrication and maybe have the entire planet stop turning on it's axis, Al Gore now wants us to drain the heat system of the planet and take all the hot water we can from deep inside the bowels of the earth. Even to a Conservative Planet Raper such as myself the idea seems a bit risky to just take the plunge (so to speak) and start removing vast amounts of heat from the mantle of the planet on a commercial or industrial scale.

In the transcript of the Moron Majority Leader is the following quote:
· To those who argue that we do not yet have the technology to accomplish these kinds of results with renewable energy, I ask them to come with me to meet the entrepreneurs who will drive this revolution. I've seen what they're doing, and I have no doubt that we can meet this challenge.
In that quote, he doesn't come right out and say it, but what he's talking about is the UFO ride he took with Dennis Kookcinich and ELRon Paul to the planet Nebulon where all facts are very nebulous and are able to be twisted in ways we have yet to even conceive of on Earth.

My thought is that I wish the three of them had stayed there and done their best to channel Shirley Mc Claine to the planet with them.
Last and perhaps least, one last quote from the Moron Majority Leader, Al Gore:

· I do not remember a time in our country when so many things seemed to be going so wrong simultaneously.
Al baby, the reason you can't remember a time when this much has been wrong is because YOU didn't get elected as President of the United States, if you had, I assure you what you're looking at today would have been so much worse you might not recognize the country.