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Thursday, July 17, 2008

WBC To Protest at Tony Snow's Funeral?


Although I have known about this for a few days, I saw little point in posting anything about the lunatic fringe at Westboro Baptist Church.
Why give them any blog or media time?
If you really must know you can visit here.

Several blogs have carried news about this and have asked for the Patriot Guard Riders to provide a counter protest.
The PGR normally doesn't attend any funeral without first being asked by the family of the deceased. They do know about this but I have received no word about whether or not they will be there.
My question would be why does it have to be the PGR exclusively?

There are not enough adjectives in the English language to express my disgust with these faux Christians. All they do is provide fuel for the anti-religion crowd and every other nut roaming the countryside.

CP and his better half....er...um...Mrs. CP are on the road visiting family, otherwise he would have posted something. However he did ask that I post something on this.

Here is a direct quote from CP; "I've heard that they are planning to protest Tony Snow's funeral. Can you look into that and if they are can you post on it and make sure you mention that I am highly ticked off if that is the case. Prior to the Cyber Crew (I think), I ran several stories on these wackos and it angers me that they do this garbage in the name of Christianity."

Amen CP.

God bless Tony Snow and give strength to his family.
RIP Tony.