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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Miracle Marine

This is the story of Lcpl John McClellan, a three time Purple heart recipient. It is a story of the amazing power of prayer, a mothers enduring faith, and God's miracle working power.

In June 2005, 19-year-old Marine Lance Corporal, John McClellan, was deployed to Kunar Province, Afghanistan. In October 2005, while on duty as a machine gunner, Lcpl McClellan earned his first two of three purple hearts when he was shot twice in the same arm -- in the same week!

The injuries he sustained were viewed as miraculously minor. The first, an enemy AK-47 bullet, ricocheted off the humvee turret on which he was the gunner. The bullet fragment embedded in his right wrist.

Within three days, Lcpl McClellan was back in the turret. Three days later, he was shot a second time. Again, an enemy AK-47 bullet penetrated the upper portion of his right arm. This time the bullet entered the front and exited out the back. But it didn't
hit and it didn't hurt -- anything!

Within two weeks, he was again back in the turret!

On September 11, 2006, McClellan was deployed to Haditha, Iraq. Fifteen days later on September 26 while on patrol, he was shot in the head by an enemy sniper. The phone call received by his parents at midnight that night was every parent's worst nightmare. Immediately after receiving the devastating news from the hospital in Balad, Iraq, John's mother, Connie McClellan, sent an e-mail to her e-mail address book leading and asking for prayer. Her only child had been shot in the head and according to the doctor in Balad, "If he survives the brain swelling, he will never be the same and will probably be a vegetable."

That e-mail was the first of more than 150 e-mails that Connie McClellan sent to her prayer network during the 15 months following John's head injury. The journal created by the daily e-mails is a fascinating account of the 24 miracles that God performed on John, now referred to as "My Miracle Marine" by his parents, family, friends and community.

Please visit the My Miracle Marine web page for information about the book and pictures of this young man's miracle recovery.

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Thank you for your service John. Welcome home!

Semper Fi Marine.