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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

After nearly three weeks away from home, Mrs. CP and I are home, fired up and ready to go!

By the way, that's us 27 years ago, as we celebrated our anniversary while we were gone on the 24th. Thanks to those who sent well wishes!

The past two weeks have been two of the greatest weeks we have spent in a long time. We got to spend some time with our son in Utah. Rarely do we get time with just the three of us, and it was a delight for us to be with him and have him show us what's happening in Salt Lake City.

I preached two sermons and taught a workshop at a Spiritual Retreat while we were in Utah. The Spirit of the Lord was on hand in a mighty way, and I will be talking about the retreat in a special post later this week.

We have hundreds of pictures to sort out and will share with you as well.

As far as Do The Right Thing goes, I will soon be discussing some awesome new things that God has laid on my heart while I was away.

I have several other things from the trip to share, but I just wanted our friends and family to know we are home (actually I've done a wedding since we got back) and to thank those who took care of things while we were away.

Speaking of that, Dean has done a fantastic job keeping things going. Thank you, thank you, thank you is all I know to say. You are a fantastic friend and great partner with us here at Do The Right Thing.

Several others in the Cyber Crew pitched in with stories and ideas, and to those from other blogs that allowed us to cross post - I love and appreciate all of you!

For now, keep on Doing The Right Thing - Jesus did!!!!!