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Friday, July 18, 2008

Energy? Who Needs It.

This is from email sent by Cassy.

Please visit the web site of John Boehner 8th District of Ohio here for more.

From John Boehner;

The Bureau of Land Management today made land available to companies to lease for oil and gas exploration in the northeast portion of Alaska's National Petroleum Reserve (NPR-A). This action is expected to pave the way for a major lease sale this fall. The lands made available for leasing under this arrangement could result in the production of as much as 8.4 billion barrels of oil and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas.

Now we need to remove other government barriers to environmentally responsible drilling in the desolate Alaskan coastal plain, remote federal lands, deepwater energy zones far off U.S. coasts and other sources of American-made energy while promoting conservation and accelerating the development of alternative fuels as part of an "all of the above" energy strategy.

While we work to remove government barriers, it's critical that we not build new barriers. The House yesterday approved an unfortunate bill that would designate parts of a Massachusetts river as "wild and scenic," which would provide federal protection against development. However, development on this portion of the Taunton River includes a planned liquefied natural gas facility that would increase energy supplies to residents of the Northeast and help reduce home heating costs. It's ridiculous in this time of skyrocketing energy costs that Congress would disingenuously designate an industrialized part of a river as "wild and scenic" to block the construction of a natural gas facility that offers a responsible way to get affordable new energy to millions of Americans.

This photo is of the portion of the river that would be designated "wild and scenic:"

On Friday, I will begin the American Energy Tour that will take me to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado and to Alaska's remote North Slope. This trip will highlight meaningful solutions to help reduce gas prices and break our dependence on foreign sources of energy.

Policies not widely embraced when gasoline was $2 per gallon – such as oil exploration on a tiny patch of Alaska's vast North Slope – now enjoy the American people's overwhelming support in the face of $4 per gallon gas. That is why I am heading to the Arctic Coastal Plain: to learn about the abundance of American energy held hostage below the tundra by the Democrats in charge of Congress, and to promote the environmentally-safe exploration of those resources on behalf of families and small businesses alike. At the same time, the future of American energy is in alternative and renewable fuels, which is why we must encourage new and emerging technologies, such as those developed at the renewable energy lab we will tour outside of Denver.


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Fall River, Mass., Taunton River This is a scenic, wild river?

The article above generated a few noteworthy comments shown below.

NJ_GOP; The problem with this is not what they did, but the timing. It definitely is disingenuous to deliberately block this construction when I'm sure they don't care much about the scenery at all.

That being said, I think it is very sad that the natural beauty of America is being blighted by development. That may not sound very "Republican"; but the truth is, Republican principles of punishing crime, giving school choice, cutting taxes etc. will have the natural effect of slowing down suburban sprawl. If our cities are safe, and people can pick their own school, and if taxes were lowered so that industry would move back to the urban centers then nobody would want to live 50 miles away and our countryside would still be countryside.

Sounds simple? It is. South Jersey exploded with development immediately following the race riots of the 60s when people fled Philadelphia, Chester and Camden as fast as they could. When the cities jacked up the taxes on business to make up for the lost revenue, the businesses moved to the burbs. When the businesses and the people moved to the burbs, they had to build shopping centers and big highways and schools and hospitals .... all with no public transportation infrastructure.

South Jersey used to be beautiful peach farms. It's now a shopping center. All because Democrats ran Phila and Camden for 50 years.

Cassy L; When I was at the hospital the other day I overheard a man talk about drilling

for our own oil, he said this:

He don't care where they drill for the oil but they better do it.

NJ, I just don't think God put the oil here for us just to sit and do nothing. If that be the case we wouldn't of had a man on the moon.

Of course that was a dem Prez.

Environmentalists are going too far, it seems they think we can just live by looking pretty.

I agree the timing of this is suspect.

The dems feel they can talk us to death, there I agree with Ann Coulter.

If this was about their pay raises they'd be falling all over themselves to vote YES.

We can have both IF they'd listen to experts. Right now they think THEY are the experts.

I'd say gore is laughing all the way to the bank.

Congress acts as if we are their children and they are the parents that hand out allowances.

Oil companies in this country are the most heavily regulated in the world. They can't fart without signing affidavits and agreeing to pre-fart inspections.

ANWR is flat, barren, no mountains or tree's, just barren land despite what the enviro-whack jobs want you to believe. Nothing there except ice in the winter and tundra in summer. The North Slope of Alaska is another barren region. The whacko enviro's would have you believe the land around ANWR is scenic beauty when in fact it is not.

The Caribou don't seem to mind ANWR. In fact, they seem to be thriving.....apparently.

Would we rather have our own oil companies drilling in the OCS (Outer Continental Shelf) where we know there are vast amounts of oil or give it up to China and Venezuela who have few regulations?

Read this this article from Gateway Pundit. Here for more about Venezuela and others. And here for a little rant Drilling For Oil? Whoopee!

Russians have recently completed drilling for oil in deep wells, 40,000 feet+, where they say there is an almost limitless supply of oil. This may be a myth though who really knows with any certainty except the Russians.
In our case, there is enough oil in the North Slope of Alaska alone to provide oil for 200 hundred years or more based upon our projected growth.

While I agree we should be developing alternative fuel and energy sources like wind, sun and nuclear power, I disagree we should suspend drilling now. The fact is we aren't there yet and still need oil...we will always need a certain amount of it regardless of alternatives.

There is no pollution from nuke plants whereas coal fired plants kill 20 to 30 thousand people a year directly related to the pollution from coal emissions.

Enviro's say we will have a Chernobyl if we have nukes. BS. The Russians didn't have the safe guards we do. Even when 3 Mile Island had it's problem there has been no significant evidence of an increase in health related issues among people living near or around the plant and take my word for it that has been studied for years by scientists and health experts.

Enviro's also claim transporting nuke waste is hazardous to us all. Where is the proof? There have been no accidents in transporting this stuff and again just like the oil companies this hazardous waste is the most heavily regulated in the world.

They fear a terrorist attack could cause problems with nuke waste as a target. Not likely but then anything is possible. Please go here here to read a compelling argument for Nuclear Power from a former ‘No Nukes’ protester Gwyneth Cravens .

Nuke waste currently requires approximately an area the size of a football field to store. It is kept and maintained in containers that are nearly bullet proof in an underground facility in New Mexico, regularly inspected.

I agree we should all be cognizant of our environment, and respect and preserve it, but a little common sense goes a long way.

I may have a few details wrong so feel free to correct me, but that's my $0.02.

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