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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Honor Killing: Welcome To Islam

Pakistani Man in Georgia Strangles Daughter For Rejecting Arranged Marriage

HT to Spree at Wake Up America.


Chaudhry Rashid was brought to court which was presided over by Chief Judge Daphne Walker at the Clayton County Magistrate Court, where he was arraigned on a murder charge for strangling his 25-year-old daughter because she wanted out of an arranged marriage with a man she hadn't seen in months.

His reason for killing his own daughter?

She disgraced the family.

Right here in the good ole United States of America we are seeing honor killings.

The 25-year-old victim, Sandeela Kanwal, was wed in Pakistan in an arranged marriage. Police said Kanwal hadn't seen her husband, who lives in Chicago, for months.

According to police, there was "friction between father and victim" in the weeks leading up to the killing. Rashid had not spoken to his daughter in more than two months.

Police said Rashid was so angered that his daughter planned to divorce her husband that he killed her after a heated argument at the family's home, FOX News affiliate MyFoxAtlanta reported.

Police who arrived at the scene said they found Rashid's two sons at the end of the driveway and their father sitting behind a car smoking a cigarette. Officers said that Rashid appeared "distraught and possibly mournful" and told police "my daughter is dead" when they arrived.

After entering the home, Kanwal's body was discovered in the doorway of a bedroom, cold to the touch, officials said.

He reportedly confessed to the killing after being brought to the police station.

He will be back in court Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. His bond hearing is scheduled for July 25 at 8 a.m., with a preliminary hearing July 24.

The wife of Chaudhry Rashid, Gina Rashid said she had been in bed, asked her husband to open some windows and turn on the fan, went back to sleep and woke up to hear screaming. she left the house and called 911.

According to ABC:

M. Siddique, director of the Pakistani American Community of Atlanta, did not immediately return a phone call from ABC News for comment. Shahid Malik, a member of the organization, told ABC News' Atlanta affiliate WSB-TV that the young woman and father were both suffering from depression.

The book needs to be thrown at this man and others need to understand that murder is unacceptable and in America, a woman has the choice if she wishes to get married OR wishes to leave a marriage for any reason.

How do you murder your own child?