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Monday, January 12, 2009

Blast Rocks Christian Group, Israel Always, in Israel

ATLANTA -- Three volunteers from metro Atlanta are right in the middle of the crossfire in the Middle East, and now they have the video to prove it.

Eric Axley of Powder Springs left his camera rolling last week when he rushed into a bus stop bomb shelter in Sderot, Israel, along with his wife Paula and Janet Cain, who also lives in Powder Springs. The three are volunteering for a Christian group called Israel Always.

Axley's video captures the sound of a rocket coming dangerously close, knocking two other volunteers in the group to the ground as they began to walk out of the shelter.

The video was sent to 11Alive through our e-mail tip line.

The bus stop bomb shelter they used is just like several that have been built there with money raised by church groups in metro Atlanta.

Each one costs $20,000.

Cain and the other volunteers are there to help people living in the Israeli neighborhoods next to the gaza strip.

Recent rocket attacks have left many without water, power and medical resources.

Written By: Jennifer Leslie