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Friday, January 9, 2009

From CBN News - The Brody File

In the course of covering the campaign, we want to make it clear that neither CBN nor CBN News supports or opposes any candidate seeking public office.

Palin Blasts McCain Campaign for Series of Katie Couric Interviews

January 8, 2009
Sarah Palin is talking…again.

This time she sat down with film maker John Ziegler as part of his upcoming documentary on How Obama got elected and the issue of ‘media malpractice”.

Palin blasts the McCain campaign for allowing her to continue to do interviews with Katie Couric even after she knew the first one didn’t go very well.

She also talks about how she still gets questions about whether Trigg is really her son and she questions the media on the double standard between the treatment she received and the media treatment Caroline Kennedy is receiving. In addition, she thinks she would have been treated much better if Obama picked her as VP.

The Brody File provides a link to the 10 minute video here. It has just been posted on You Tube.
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