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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Obama Honeymoon is Over

From Sal Russo and Our Country Deserves Better PAC

Not the Change Obama Promised

First, it's important we address an issue that some people have raised, and that is: "Why now? Isn't it too early to criticize Barack Obama?"

I put out a statement to conservative blogs and activists yesterday addressing this question and here is a portion of that response:

“It’s ideological suicide for conservatives to sit back silent while Obama pushes for untold hundreds of billions in new spending and bailouts. If conservatives and Republicans can’t find within them the ideological conviction to oppose this fleecing of the taxpayers, then what is it that we stand for?” asked Sal Russo, Chief Strategist for the Our Country Deserves Better Committee.

Russo, who got his start in politics as an aide to Governor Ronald Reagan, rejected the calls made by some Republicans to hold off in speaking out against Obama’s policies.

“Some people have said we shouldn’t speak up now for our beliefs, but instead hold off for now. To these individuals I ask when do they propose we begin to stand up for our principles? Will waiting a month or year to fight for our beliefs somehow advance the cause of conservatism? Will it help America for us to sit back and let Obama push his agenda forward unopposed?

“It seems to me that being silent and acquiescent now further empowers Obama, and further entrenches this notion that big government liberalism is somehow acceptable. It’s the antithesis of our individual liberty and freedom, and it requires men and women of good conscience to step forward, take action and oppose it vigorously,” said Russo.
Please understand that we won't win the "war" of ideas with this initial salvo. This will be the first of many battles to be waged for our country until the congressional elections in 2010 and the presidential election of 2012.

But if we don't start to speak up, speak out, and advocate our ideals - while opposing that which we think is wrong or bad by the Obama administration - then by the time the congressional elections occur next year we will be in no better a position than we are right now.

We have work to do.