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Saturday, January 31, 2009

“We Have A President With The Blood Of American Troops On His Hands”

By Pat Dollard
January 31, 2009

A comment on Sgt. Welsh’s “Big Hollywood” post yesterday:

I did my time in Iraq. I was wounded, I’m alive against all probability. I have several friends who died for America there.

We have a President with the blood of American troops on his hands. I will die not believing that, but knowing it. He did all he could to extend the killing, so we would leave, and the Democrats’ Vietnam II script, would have the ending they needed.

And when he couldn’t win by killing us, he tried to by insulting us, dishonoring those of us who were still fighting, those of us who had returned, those of us who who had been wounded, and those of us who were dead.

“The surge didn’t work.”

And when that lie was just obviously too big, and he had to acknowledge the success, he stole it from us, and handed it to our Sunni brothers-in-arms. The ones who fought with our weapons and our training, who’d we’d spent years winning over to our side, who lived in barracks with us, who fought shoulder to shoulder with us, whose wounds we treated, and whose dead bodies we carried from the field. In Obama’s mythology, we weren’t there. He now murdered us with his words.

And we soldier on, his lies gone with the wind, but etched forever in the history books. We willingly and happily absorb more blows and cuts, all that we must, from all enemies foreign and domestic.

As for Obama, if Rush Limbaugh merely criticizes, he weeps and gnashes his teeth with the pain.

There’s a reason why boys like Barack Obama don’t join the military.

I know for sure there’s one thing we’re going to learn, and that is what it’s like to have a President with absolutely no conscience, absolutely no sense of decency, absolutely no sense of honor.

- The Ghost Behind You