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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Latest Email from Move America Forward




Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn of The Weather Underground

Wonderful news today as MAF enlists the aid of the Larry Grathwohl, whom you may have heard of. Larry is a Vietnam veteran, a former FBI Agent and an American hero, who successfully infiltrated The Weather Underground organization led by Bill Ayers.

William Ayers, a despicable admitted domestic terrorist, has been asked to come speak at St. Mary’s College of California in the San Francisco Bay area. The theme for the college’s speaking series this year is “Against the Grain” and the topic of Ayers’ speech is called “Trudging Towards Freedom: Building a Movement and Living Our Lives for Peace and Justice”. Bombing for Peace and Justice might be a more appropriate title as the only ‘movement’ Ayers ever helped to build was expressly for the purpose of destroying America and its primary tool was senseless violence.

Move America Forward is one of the leading groups in the

Simple Justice, Not Social Justice coalition.

We are organizing a protest to oppose that Ayers

is being given a platform to speak to students.

We are bringing in Larry Grathwohl, who knows many of Ayer’s dark secrets, to confront Bill Ayers at the protest. Please donate to this effort sowe can fly Larry out to California for this flashpoint event!

President of St. Mary's College Responds to Protest Plan

The President of the College, Ronald Gallagher,
posted this message up at the College’s website to try and explain a little about their decision to invite Ayers, presumably to cool the environment and avoid the direct confrontation they KNOW they will face from MAF, the Simple Justice Coalition, and many Alums of St. Mary’s College.

In his message, Gallagher writes:

“For students, faculty members and the public, colleges provide a special opportunity to step away from the often overheated and polarized rhetoric of contemporary culture and examine difficult and controversial issues in the somewhat cooler light of reason.”

Mr. Gallagher seems to be forgetting that The Weather Underground, and Student’s for a Democratic Society, the radical organization that the Weathermen splintered off from, began in the universities.

While one has to respect the idea that college provides a marketplace of ideas, we cannot forget that history can repeat itself.

The radical domestic terrorists who ended up bombing targets all over the country, whose goal was to bring down this society, CAME FROM the colleges and universities. It was liberal faculty indoctrinating youth and inviting militants to speak out that CAUSED the ‘movement’ that led to such violence before.

Should we now invite the same evolution of leftist militancy because it is the tradition of college campuses to do so?

Former Weatherman Joins MAF to EXPOSE AYERS

Larry Grathwohl, former Weather Underground member and FBI informant

Larry Grathwohl knows only too well how The Weathermen started and grew, he infiltrated the group in 1970 and was very close to the group’s ‘Central Committee’ led by Ayers and his future Wife Bernadine Dorn.

This inner circle of the Weather Underground issued orders to cells all over the country and Agent Grathwohl , whose job it was to carry messages between, was in on several of these inner circle meetings.

Larry has been on many television and radio programs discussing his experience with the Weather Underground, and in particular Bill Ayers. He was featured on Bill O’Reilly’s show recently discussing the real nature of Ayer’s character and the truth that the Weathermen DID intend to hurt people. See it here!

Even more chilling was Larry’s account of one particular Weather Underground meeting that was featured in a documentary about terrorism, where he recounts the Weathermen actually proposing the deaths of 25 Million Americans who could not be suitably re-educated!

Please make a donation today so that we can afford to bring

Larry out here to St. Mary’s on Wednesday.

If we can arrange it, former Weatherman and FBI Agent Larry Grathwohl will confront Bill Ayers who he has not seen in person since the 1970s!

Ayers knows that former Agent Grathwohl has the secrets to the true nature of Ayer’s leadership of the Weather Underground. That’s why he has been avoiding Larry like the plague for the last thirty years. Please make a donation so that we can get Larry to St. Mary’s College and expose Ayers at our protest.