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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Celebrate Military Appreciation Month - Vote it Up

Our nation has a very rich Military history. The month of May is Military Appreciation Month. Many events are planned during the month of May to Honor those that serve in the Military. Those of us that plan events would like to invite President Obama, The First Lady Michelle Obama, and the entire staff and Cabinet to to join in with us during our events to allow our military members, and Veterans the opportunity to know that we appreciate them and support them.

I am the Founder of Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day.

ARMAD is one of the events that is associated with National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM). ARMAD allows the public to voice messages of support to our Troops, Veterans, Military Retired, and their families "live" over Amateur Radio.

We invite all Americans to show support by attending an event in your area. Invite local , State, and National officials and pay tribute to our heroes.

During the term of Barack Obama we would like to see more support from the Federal Government to Military Support Groups. We know that The President and First Lady appreciates our Troops and Veterans. The First lady also does many things to show support to Military families.

We would like to work with the administration of "Change" to help build a new respect, and show of respect and honor for those that servre in our Military.

We hope that the new administration will invite us to events that honor those that serve, and that members of the administration will attend our events during the month of May.

Working together we can build a new attitute of appreciation, and honor for those that serve our nation.


Emery McClendon
Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day
Life member: Disabled American Veterans (DAV)

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