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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Are We All Guilty of This?

This came from NJGOP in the comment section on this blog. I'm sure some of you don't see all the comments, so I wanted to share this wonderful story with everyone. NJ, thanks for sharing and the story says it all, no comments needed from me!

I only got to hear the last 15 min or so, but it was really cool to hear your live human voice.

I wasn't sure of the significance of mentioning Rich Mullins since I tuned in so late -- but I do have a 2nd hand Rich Mullins story you might like:

A good friend won a contest and the prize was 2 tickets to a Phillies game, getting to sit with Rich Mullins. She gave her spare ticket to another one of my friends who relayed this story.

The friend that won the ticket is kind of a "chatty" person (really really nice -- but I think we all get kind of duh... when around celebrities) so she's chatting with Rich Mullins and kept talking about her church, (used to be my church too) and how great it is, and about how he should come to our church sometime and it would be so cool if he came ... blah blah blah.

So Rich Mullins, at the Phillies game...really cool, really mellow says, You know, people are always inviting me to their church. You see that guy over there? (motions to someone a few rows away) I'll bet you nobody ever invites him to church. Or how about those people.. (points to some other people) how about you invite them to your church?

I never forgot that story. Wish I had been there to witness it myself.

***Footnote, today, the person who invited him to her church is running a growing women's conference in her area and is making a difference in the kingdom of God.