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Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Amazing Adventures of the Superheroes Border Boy and Cyber Pastor

NJ_GOP posted the following on my old blog site. We used to do Friday Night Follies on GOP.com and this a continuation of the ongoing Superhero story of Border Boy and Cyber Pastor (yes it was NJ who first gave me that nic).

She told me today she is about finished with the end of this portion of the story and the only place to find it will be right here at Do The Right Thing (how's that for a promo?). Maybe in the future we'll pull out some of the really old stories and share them here!

For now enjoy this portion!

Friday Night....

Gee, some of you may remember the Amazing Adventures of the Superheroes Border Boy and Cyber Pastor. I reckon since the summer is half over, we ought to be seeing how they are doing on their trek to Alaska, especially since the Alaskan summer doesn't last that long.

Last I recall, they were on an expedition to ANWR, to see for themselves that this vast wasteland would yes, remain a vast wasteland (probably in better shape) even after the oil drilling by our AMERICAN oil drilling.

As I remember, our 2 heroes came across that wicked, evil, no good, double crossing, master manipulator, rat fink of a villain, Dr. SpaceLib working in a bait and tackle shop in the wilderness. He had been sent to AK in the witness protection program after ratting out that nasty, freezer full of cash, congressman. (I guess the Feds wanted him to know the real meaning of "freezer" hahahaha).

Anyway, back to our story:

Our heroes were suspicious about the ENORMOUS coincidence of "running into" Dr. Spacelib .... I mean really, what are the odds? So like good, responsible Superheroes (Trust No Lib) they decided to bring the evil doctor with them to keep an eye on him --- especially since there was an old abandoned Russian spy compound nearby ---- our heroes weren't taking any chances.

Yikes bad spelling error that one.... so OK I'll tell more of the story.The Russian spy compound was (surprise) not so abandoned after all. Legend has it that the property was deeded from the Indians to a guy named Aloysius Goroglian before AK became a state, who secretly sold it to the Russians during the cold war.

He was never prosecuted because no one knows what ever happened to him -- but rumor has it that he had a son whose name was changed to ... you got it, Al Gore. So what does that have to do with Dr. Spacelib? Stay tuned...

Our heroes were on a secret mission, commissioned by the big guy himself. The odds of having the evil Dr. Spacelib in the vicinity of this mission was more coincidence and then running into him face-to-face was more of a miracle than even our beloved Cyber Pastor was willing to believe.

So when they entered the bait and tackle shop to find him refilling the worm tank, Cyber Pastor immediately went for his small but amazingly accurate frisbee of a weapon, his offering plate. Cyber Pastor wasn't quite quick enough though, since Border Boy had his hands around the villain's throat so fast that the good Pastor found himself instead saving the evil Dr. Spacelib's life.

Border Boy said, "Sorry CP -- reflex". They decided it wasn't safe leaving him behind, but they knew that bringing him along could be just as dangerous. Their mission remained secret as they did not discuss it for fear of hidden listening devices....even the renowned Tin Hat was not trusted for protection in this investigation.