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Monday, August 13, 2007

Guest Post From Dean - "Are We Living in the Last Days?"

This response was from my friend Dean to the question "Are we really living in the last days?" I loved his response and got his permission to share. I'm interested in what others might think about this subject.

I always considered the Left Behind Series as works of fiction and not based in fact. Far too many contemporary Christians view them as inspirational or somehow divinely inspired. While it is true that the two who wrote the series are Christian and they use certain Biblical information for the basis of their stories, the books are fiction. Just like the Da Vinci Code. It too is a work of fiction yet people somehow adopted it as truth.

I don't know when the second coming will be....none of us on earth know that. There are signs and many Bible prophecies that have been fulfilled and many more yet to come. God does things according to His own time line which in no way resembles our time line on earth.

Over the centuries many have predicted the "end of the world" as we know it, some were crackpots but most were simple God fearing men who were sensitive to world events in their time.

Whenever it happens I'm certain of one thing and that is it will be unmistakeable. There will be no doubt, at least among believers. We will know.

In the mean time we have lives to be lived and things to do....."miles to go before we sleep". It is incumbent on us to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ but looking at every world event as a guide put's us in dire straights if we let them.

The Bible tells of wars, rumors of war, tribulations, earthquakes and all manner of pestilence and abominations yet hasn't this been the case down through the centuries if you look closely at world history?

Personally I think the time is closer than it has ever been but will I see it in my lifetime? Will you see it in your's? Only God the Father can answer that. Better for us to stay prepared for whatever may happen, that would be prudent, but to live our lives as if tomorrow will be the end is a fools folly.

And yet we pray, "Come Lord Jesus...come."

The remainder was his response to my request to post his article.

Pastor Ed, I am honored that you would want to use what I wrote. Thank you for the kind words. And since I am neither syndicated or receive compensation for what I write you may use it without question. ;)

So many Christians seem to be in this end of the world doomsday mode that I beleive it is adversely affecting their attitudes about the world around them if not their lives.

As I stated above I believe Christs return to be imminent and crazy as it may seem to some I pray for His return sooner than later for all our sakes, but having said that I must also pass along this.

It is my view that our time on earth is merely a "summer camp" and a temporary abode that teaches and stregthens our souls. Our permanent home is with the Father where we will spend eternity when camp is over.

I do not fear death but certainly I am not in any rush to embrace it either....LOL. Living and being a part of this life is what we were sent here for and all the days between birth and death will be whatever we make of it.