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Friday, August 24, 2007

What About the Babies?????

I've read quite a bit lately about the lack of outrage over the the number of abortions (murders) performed in the US, while at the same time the huge amount of press and outrage at the Michael Vick case with the dog fighting issue.

I was going to just keep quiet about this issue because there were great articles from numerous sources and I am pretty sure most people know my position on the abortion issue.

Well, I decided to add my 2 cents worth because this has really started to eat away at me. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THE MATTER WITH THIS COUNTRY??????

I am not going to do the research to get the exact figures, but there are thousands of abortions every year, and we just have to accept that as the "law" of the land? I say hogwash! And let me say this - name me one politician who says they are for the murdering of unborn babies. I'll go out on a limb and say NONE. It's always under the guise of "a woman's right to choose".

Now to the Vick issue. He committed a crime. He has pleaded guilty. I believe he should be punished to the normal extent that is warranted for his crimes. I do not believe that he should be "banned for life" from the NFL as some are suggesting, but should get the same punishment others have recently received for criminal offenses. And I think he should get help to address the issues that go along with his desire to participate in such activities.

But ppppllllleeeeaaaasssseeee, let's focus our anger, rage, and efforts on something that makes a real difference in this great country. Every single illegal dog fighting operation in America could be closed down tomorrow, and my life would not change one iota.

Let me finish with a personal story about abortion and then maybe you will see why I just can't get that worked up over the Vick issue.

When my daughter was pregnant with our 2nd grandchild, there were some "markers" that showed up indicating that the baby "could" have Downs Syndrome. She was referred to a specialist in this area, and I went along with her and my son-in-law for the appointment.

On the ultra sound, what had shown up as "markers" earlier, were now in the near normal range. However, there was a test that could determine whether the baby had Downs Syndrome or not. There was a risk that doing the test could cause my daughter to go into labor and it was way too early for the baby to survive that. My daughter decided - no test, why take a risk.

This "specialist" said that if my daughter was considering "terminating" her pregnancy, they needed to do the test that day, as the time for being able to "terminate" the pregnancy in Indiana was very close.

Of course, my daughter said that wasn't a choice, but the "specialist" was very persistent. I was trying to be a good dad, and just sit back and let my daughter and son-in-law do the talking and not be too pushy.

However, after the 8th time of her mentioning "terminating" I decided if she said it again, I was going to not keep my mouth shut, and lower the boom on the lady. The good Lord above obviously knew I had enough and the lady didn't say it any more.

I tell you all of that to say this. I have a wonderful, healthy, precious grandson who does not have Downs Syndrome. Had the "specialist" had her way, this may not have been the case.

Tell me friends, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE OVER THIS, and why are we not pushing harder to make this Supreme Court "law" go away!

There you go, my 2+ cents worth on why I really don't want to hear anything else about Michael Vick!