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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Monday Night Football First

What was so special about the Monday Night Football game between the Colts (might I add World Champion to that) and "Da" Bears? Was it the rematch of last years Super Bowl? No. Was it because it was on ESPN? No. Did Peyton Manning go off for 5 touchdowns? No (actually the Bears won 27 - 24).

OK, it was the first time in my 45 years that I attended a professional football game in person. I had flashbacks of my younger years. Our tickets were eight rows from the field right in the corner where the Colts run onto the field.

My son-in-law won the tickets at a company function and my thanks go out to both he and the place he is employed for helping make this 45 year old man have a great Monday Night First!

Oh yeah, when Peyton came out of the locker room for the 2nd half, I got his picture on my cell phone and sent it to my kids, and then a text message that said "this is soooo cool"! Maybe, I'm not as big a dork as they always tell me I am!