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Thursday, August 23, 2007

This Politician Has it Right!

Wow, does this Congressman ever nail it! Thanks to Spree for sharing this letter she received from Representative Trent Franks!

August 23, 2007
Susan Duclos

Dear Susan:

I appreciate your letter regarding the conflict in Iraq and our national defense. It is always good to hear from you on the many significant issues facing our great nation, and this in particular is one of inarguable importance.

The first and primary purpose of the federal government is to protect its citizens. The President has shared with me his deep concern over our action in Iraq causing harm or the loss of human life. I share his concern. However, I also join him in recognizing the stark reality that the free world is engaged in a far greater war than the one seemingly being waged on the battlefield of Iraq.

Osama bin Laden himself has said, "The most important and serious issue today for the world is this Third World War.... It is raging in the land of the two rivers. [Iraq] The world's millstone and pillar is in Baghdad, the capital of the caliphate."

Americans must realize the fact that, regardless of how we would like to see the war in Iraq, terrorists see it as the front line in a global war in which suppression, intolerance, persecution, and merciless acts of terror are the enemy's weapons of choice.Defending our homeland against terrorism has forced us to enter into a new kind of war. It is one we would rather not enter, but one that we must, and have, taken to the enemy. All agree that terrorists from the Middle East region have poured into the Iraqi theatre, contributing to the violence and war efforts, in the hope of seeing America, the "Great Satan," defeated. However, it is easy to forget that in these years since 9/11, and throughout the course of the war, there has since been not one successful terrorist attack on United States territory. I believe President Bush was right in acting decisively to secure our country, and defend the American way of life jeopardized by terrorism and those nations who seek to destroy our freedom.

Consequently, I have cosponsored H.R.511, "to pledge the faithful support of Congress to members of the United States Armed Forces serving in harm's way." This legislation pledges unequivocal support for our men and women in uniform, stating that Congress will not cut off or restrict funding for units and members of the Armed Forces that the Commander in Chief has deployed in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

In addition, let me also add that I believe our defense strategy abroad must be coupled with the realization that strengthening our border security is absolutely vital in defending against the grave threat of terrorism. As we continue to wage war overseas, I recognize that an unregulated, unsecured border poses just as grave a threat for terrorist penetration as does the threat of a nuclear, militarized jihad overseas. In order to effectively address this critical issue, we must focus on providing the resources for which the Department of Homeland Security may effectively maintain a secure domestic border. Therefore I will continue to support legislation that places the security of our nation as the first and fundamental priority.

We have been blessed in this nation to be protected and served by the noblest soldiers in the world. These courageous men and women deserve our utmost honor and gratitude for the enormous sacrifice that they have so willingly made, so that we and ages yet unborn may continue to walk in the light of freedom.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. I wish you the very best in life, and I hope you will continue to inform me of the issues that concern you. In the meantime, please feel free to visit my website at http://www.house.gov/franks.

Most Sincerely,

Trent Franks

Member of Congress